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Motion Industries - Buyer
Ref No.: 18-10335
Location: Portland, Maine
We are seeking a self-motivated individual with experience in procurement and inventory to join our amazing team as a Buyer at Motion Industries.

1. Procure products from a predefined list of suppliers
2. Review inventory recommendations as well as product needed to fill customer orders. Process includes creating vendor purchase orders and following up on those purchase orders to ensure timely delivery and receipt at the correct cost
3. Overall management of assigned inventoried lines by reviewing inventory parameters regularly and making the appropriate changes, updating committed stock requirements, requesting new items be set-up, reviewing overstock and making vendor returns, keeping up-to-date with the manufacturers they are assigned (i.e. be aware of current pricing, quotes, new products, promotions, etc.)
4. Resolve shipping discrepancies and invoice mismatches as required
5. Develop and maintain a good working relationship with all suppliers and the manufacturer reps of assigned lines

1. Personable, well organized, detail-oriented and thorough
2. Strong math skills are required
3. Ability to function well within a team and yet be self-motivated required
4. Good time management skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously is a must
5. Fast and accurate computer related skills are important to the job and knowledge of industrial supplies is a plus.
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