Previous Job
Housing Inspector II
Ref No.: 18-07591
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Segment:State and Local
Work hours: 8:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Lunch period: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Job Summary
  • Perform Housing Quality Standards inspections including initial inspections, annual re-certifcation inspections, condition inspections and all re-inspections of failed units
  • Assure that program participants have a decent, safe and sanitary housing to live by conducting inspections on an annual basis
  • Examine properties to ensure they have adequate sanitation and drainage systems
  • Remain familiar and current with U.S. HUD Federal Regulations and state and local building codes
  • Remain familiar and current with Lead-Based Paint regulations as they pertain to the housing program
  • Knowledge, skills, education, and/or experience
  • Bachelor's degree in health related profession
  • Experience working with individuals with mental health disabilities
  • Housing experience
  • Mandatory skills/certification(s) Requirement:
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook (Office 365)
  • Excel proficient; Microsoft Office efficient
  • customer service skills

Examples of Work
Conducts HUD Housing Quality standard inspections
Performs visual assessments for lead based paint of multiple dwellings, homes and other types of housing.
Completes inspection reports of findings.
Experience in conducting inspections or investigations to detect violations of and ensure compliance with laws, rules, and regulations.

  • Appointees will be required to possess a driver's license valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties of the position.

Knowledge & Abilities
  • Knowledge of provisions of the municipal rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and ordinances.
  • Knowledge of problems involved in organizing work and developing effective work methods both in the field and in the office.
  • Knowledge of procedures to be followed and precautions to be taken when observing and collecting facts which are significant in determining whether laws are being observed.
  • Knowledge of inspection techniques and the writing of reports that substantiate findings and serve as a basis for legal proceedings.
  • Ability to analyze, comprehend, and interpret municipal rules,regulations, policies, procedures, and ordinances, and apply them to specific cases.
  • Ability to note significant conditions and to take proper action,when action is called for, in accordance with prescribed procedures.
  • Ability to make accurate observations and record conditions,and abstract, and note those things which are significant.
  • Ability to make necessary inspections and investigations without giving unnecessary offense.
  • Ability to take and maintain a firm, correct stand when controversial matters are considered.
  • Ability to prepare clear, sound, accurate, and informative reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Ability to establish and maintain needed records and files.
  • Ability to make evaluative judgments based on the application of statutory or regulatory provisions.
  • Ability to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.
  • Ability to read, write, speak, understand, or communicate in English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position
  • American Sign Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of communication.
  • Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long as they can perform the essential functions of the job after reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations. If the accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.
  • Organized and able to handle multiple inspections
  • Complete inspections and reports in a timely and efficient manner.