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Material Coordinator
Ref No.: 18-06382
Location: Kendallville, Indiana
Shift/Hours: M-F, standard business hours
Job Description: Use Dow SAP to process SAP requisitions, SES forms.
Materials Coordinator will act as a focal point for acquisition, scheduling and distribution of materials, supplies and service requisitions. The main scope is for maintenance jobs; specifically at small sites, the scope might be broader. The primary elements are to process and expedite materials.
Role description is for Dow Cost Center and may be different for tenants in an I-Park arrangement
Each site will require a Material Coordinator, Inventory Coordinator and Marshaling role. At a small site, these material roles may be fragmented and may be the same person (s).
Sites without a Maintenance Contractor Administrator role may likely use the Planner or Materials Coordinator role to requisition and expedite resources.
Enters materials, tools, equipment requests via Procurement System or Pro-card and confirms delivery date. Please refer to Global Maintenance Business Rules for Pro-card usage.
Communicates the order and delivery status, typically by setting various material status/flags throughout the work order cycle in the Computerized Maintenance Management System
Communicates both ways any potential changes in material specifications between supplier and requestor and initiates system updates as appropriate.
Shares and raises awareness of MRO potential whether for stock or non-stock item coding.
Forwards non-coded items to PPM Coordinator
Coordinates the disposition of all surplus material
Monitors/tracks materials, tools and equipment orders upon receipt
May provide requisitioning support for requirements outside of maintenance: operation supplies, projects, etc.
Arranges materials, tools and equipment in a manner, that it can be identified and picked up according to job needs
Gather information and input into the appropriate maintenance measures/KPI's such as Hot Shots (abnormal cost of rush delivery), Receipt backlog, material delays

Communicate vendor performance to procurement services
Coordinate the repair and or return of materials, tools and equipment obtained on a value added work order
Utilizes and influences AMSL/Site Sourcing Guide. (Maintenance representative for procurement)
Uses class/codes to obtain contract pricing, where available
Works closely with procurement, coding, planning, scheduling and work coordination to provide seamless execution of the GMWP
Tracks progress versus required delivery date until receipt and expedites when progress is behind schedule.
Follows-up as focal point on all issues with material, orders, delays.
Periodically reviews material status report tools to assure on-time delivery including refurbishment items
Requisitioning of off-site resources depending on organizational design and role availability
Supports WAC/Planner in sending unused material back to warehouse and/or vendor
Uses Metrics to measure MC task (hot shot, delays, etc.) and develops action to improve the process.
Skills (employee knows how to):
Demonstrate high level of skills in utilizing the approved maintenance information systems
Utilize procurement business rules
Demonstrate high level of material knowledge
Utilize MSI system
Demonstrate proficiency in warehouse system
Comply to requested service level
Follow Global marshaling, and receiving work processes
Use the approved manufacturing suppliers list
Follow the procurement work process
Implement the disposition process summary report
Create rebuild/repair process summary report
Complete return verification report (itemized cost sheet of credits)
Pay range: $25-32/hr.
6 month assignment, possibility of extension