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Safety Specialist
Ref No.: 18-06153
Location: Saint Augustine, Florida
Due Date :06/01/2018
Segment:State and Local

Working hours: 40 hours a week
Work Location and Directorate: State Quartermaster - Finance & Accounting
Duration: One year and then position will be re-evaluated if needed.
  1. Reports activities that pose threats to workers' health or safety;
  2. Investigate accidents to identify causes, determine how such accidents might be prevented in the future, and recommendations to mitigate them;
  3. Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes, or materials;
  4. Inspect or evaluate workplace environments, equipment, or practices to ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations;
  5. Develop SOP on Safety program and inspections of facilities and equipment;
  6. Investigate the adequacy of ventilation, exhaust equipment, lighting, or other conditions that could affect employee health, comfort, or performance;
  7. Collaborate with other technicians (state and federal) to institute control or remedial measures for hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or equipment;
  8. Coordinate with State agencies, Risk Management, and federal entities ensuring state and federal rules, laws, and procedures governing Safety programs are in compliance;
  9. Coordinate, schedule, and conduct Safety briefings, Risk Assessments, and meetings.