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HSL/4th shift/ Machine Operator
Ref No.: 18-05391
Location: Edina, Minnesota
Shift/Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10:30AM to 10:30PM
Job Description: Job Duties:

The employee will be operating a machine that builds preset assemblies for a primary machine in fabrication. This task will involve quality checks. (Total Training Time: 20 hours; operates APM machine for two cells)
a. Will pay close attention to the production order – what GMID/file they are running – how many preset assemblies are still needed
b. Order material in the MOS (Material Ordering System)
c. Apply Teflon on tubes
Pace a tube into the APM machine, wait for sheets of tricot to be welded onto the tube, hang tube on rack.
Safety Requirements:
• Able to safely work around moving equipment. Many with sharp blades, high speed rotating parts and multiple pinch points.
• Able to safely monitor equipment for proper functioning as well as detect product defects while in process and after (dexterity).
• Able to wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) such as gloves (nitrile), mono goggles, ear plugs, safety shoes, bump-cap or hardhat, Tyvek and Kevlar sleeve, and plastic apron for the working shift.
• Able to withstand additional PPE and environmental conditions essential to sustain product quality during the when operating fiberglassing station, wearing PPE (plastic apron from neckline to ankles) for up to 3 hours, on a frequency as needed, under high humidity (33-46%) and temperature (70-75 F).
• Able to maintain regular and reliable attendance to achieve staffing levels required for safe and effective operations.