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Data Entry Operator
Ref No.: 18-05342
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Due Date :05/21/2018
Work Authorization:Any Visa
Segment:State and Local
User Agency's Name: Illinois State Police
Bureau/Unit: Fireanns Services Bureau
Division: Division of Administration
County: Sangamon
Requested Start Date: upon completion of background checks
Anticipated End Date: _12/31/18 (estimated) and can be extended
Daily Work Hours: From 8:30am To 5:00pm
Total Hours Per Day: 7.5
Lunch Hour: 1 Hour
Report to Work: 801 S 7th St, Suite400M, Springfield. Illinois 62703

Job Classification:
Utilizing proprietary computer systems, reviews submitted Fireann Owner's Identification (FOlD) and Concealed Carry license (CCL) applications for completeness and accuracy.
Responsbile for reviewing computerized responses of confidential personal identifying infonnation from both state and federal criminal justice systems to perfonn a quality control review of the applicant's name, address and personal identifiers for the verificaton of the applicant's identity.
Employee is responsbile for the verification or rejection of the application requiring the ability to type a descriptive note within the proprietary computer system. Recieves and reviews mail to the FOlD section.
Determines the appropriate course of action, perfonns an advanced search within the system, scans, and uploads the appropriate electronic record to the applicant's computerized file.