Previous Job
Laboratory and research aide
Ref No.: 18-05071
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Segment:State and Local
NOTE from Manager:  
Necropsy will not be primary duty, but will be as needed. We do have a primary staff for necropsy. 
Bachelors degree is not mandatory. Candidates with high school or associates are appropriate.

Max Pay: $17/hr.

*Knowledge of the laboratory equipment used in a complex, modern laboratory sufficiently to carry out the duties required.
*Knowledge of laboratory mechanical equipment operated manually or by steam, electric, water and/or air.
*Knowledge of the general and special safety precautions to be observed in a laboratory.
Experience in a modern laboratory which shall have included the operation of sterilization and other laboratory equipment, including but not limited to, the care of laboratory samples and/or animal carcass and the maintenance of related cleaning services.
Ability to learn and observe the safety and sanitary precautions to be taken in laboratory work.
Ability to understand, remember and carry out oral and written direction and to learn quickly from demonstrations and oral and written instructions.
Ability to learn the proper ways of using laboratory equipment in sterilizing utensils and supplies.
Ability to work harmoniously with associates.
Ability to handle laboratory animals properly and care for them.
Ability to understand the workings of mechanical equipment and make minor repairs and/or adjustments to laboratory equipment.
Ability to lift and carry bulky and heavy packages of laboratory supplies, materials and equipment.
Ability to take the lead among Laboratory Service Workers.
Ability to maintain records and files.
Ability to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the laboratory.
Ability to read, write speak, understand, or communicate in English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.

Assignment duties
1) Open packages, receive, sort, and deliver specimens to appropriate laboratory section, send out specimens to referral laboratories, and capture data related to specimens in Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS);
2) assist veterinarians during animal autopsy (necropsy) procedure; properly collecting and securing tissues; preparing carcass for disposal after necropsy;
3) assist veterinarians with procedures on animals designated for necropsy (e.g. sample collection, animal handling etc);
4) maintain and organize instruments needed for necropsy; deliver samples expeditiously to various laboratory sections;
5) provide sanitation and maintenance for the necropsy area (e.g. necropsy suite, loading dock, animal pens) and remove tissue and waste created to appropriate holding areas for removal;
6) maintain supply of formalin, whirl-paks and other lab supplies;
7) coordinate with veterinarians and clients for delivery and accessioning of specimens for necropsy;
8) launder laboratory coats, scrubs and coveralls by the pathologists and laboratory staff;
9) assist with filing and storage of histology tissue blocks;
10) does related work as required.