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Assets Manager
Ref No.: 18-04950
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Segment:State and Local
• Effectively manage client assets according to their investment preferences
• Assess client's current asset status, their future needs, and investment goals
• Administer risk analysis surveys to determine their risk profile
• Work to develop a master asset management plan specifically attuned to each client
• Create, organize, and maintain client portfolios
• Manage cash flow and physical assets such as property and real estate
• Strategically advise clients on what actions to take with their assets
• Assess and manage risks associated with current assets
• Work to maximize returns and minimize losses on assets and investments
• Extensively research relevant markets (equity research) to determine investment options
• Stay abreast of market trends and patterns and chose investments accordingly
• Analyze property value timeline to forecast for future estimated value
• Analyze and evaluate portfolio progress and enact necessary changes
• Work collaboratively with and report to asset management team and senior executives
• Travel to property sites as needed to make bids, appraise, etc.
• Liaise with property managers, contractors, brokers, attorneys, etc.
• Negotiate lease and property renewal contracts
• Collaborate with company analysts to accurately evaluate client assets
• Monitor and manage assets from acquisition to disposition
• Foster and maintain positive client relationships