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Procurement/Purchasing Specialist
Ref No.: 18-04916
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Segment:State and Local
To purchase supplies, services, food, and equipment in the required quantity and quality; to obtain items via formal two-party contracts utilizing formally advertised invitations for bid and request for quotations; and to perform related work.

The Procurement Specialist series is a professional-level class performing a wide variety of buying and purchasing activities. Positions in this class are allocated only to the Department of Purchasing and Contracting.

This is the lead-level class of the series. Under general direction, incumbent provides technical guidance and leadership to other Procurement Specialists. The Senior Procurement Specialist is responsible for the most complex and difficult purchasing duties; have signature authority up to $50,000, and may be assigned to supervise a unit of subordinate Procurement Specialists. This class differs from the Procurement Contracting Officer in that the latter is responsible for developing procurement strategies and documents, and negotiating fixed-price and cost-type contracts for services that normally cannot be obtained by means of formal advertising.


The examples of functions listed in this class specification are representative but not necessarily exhaustive or descriptive of any one position in the class. Management is not precluded from assigning other related functions not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment for the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable an individual with a qualified disability to perform the essential functions of a job, on a case-by-case basis.

Essential Functions:
1. Coordinates specification preparation, and secures bids/proposals.
2. Negotiates contracts and makes awards.
3. Serves as advisor to subordinate buyers on unusual or difficult policy problems.
4. Participates in hiring of staff; consults with user department personnel concerning requirements.
5. Acts as chairperson of standards committee for countywide use of specified items; recommends review of revised purchasing procedures; serves on other purchasing related committees.
6. May supervise and train subordinate staff, including evaluation and discipline.
7. Reviews requisitions and specifications using on-line requisition system.
8. Advises user department representatives on purchase methods and alternate products and may recommend substitutes.
9. Solicits quotations and bids.
10. Negotiates prices and terms.
11. Originates purchase orders.
12. Resolves discrepancies and invoice problems.
13. Develops and maintains bidders' lists.
14. Prepares formal invitations for bids and requests for quotations, including required special terms and conditions, performance, and technical criteria.
15. Selects suppliers from bidders' lists.
16. Makes award determinations.
17. Corresponds and communicates with suppliers and departments regarding services and complaints.
18. Recommends new or revised purchasing procedures.
19. Maintains individual workload statistics.
20. Assists suppliers in registering on County self-service website to receive solicitations.
21. Assists the Senior Procurement Specialist in making presentations to groups.
22. May be required to perform the functions of the lower level classes in this series.
23. Provides responsive, high quality service to County employees, representatives of outside agencies and members of the public by providing accurate, complete and up-to-date information, in a courteous, efficient and timely manner.
Knowledge of:
• Principles of employee supervision and training
• General business practices and procedure
• Accounting principle
• Material management systems
• Negotiated procurement via Request for Proposals
• Principles and practices of public sector purchasing
• Contracting law, Uniform Commercial Code, and other laws and regulations pertaining to the solicitation of bids/proposals, evaluation of offers, negotiations and awarding of contracts
• County customer service objectives and strategies
• Telephone, office, and on line etiquette
• Current technology and trends in the profession
Skills and Abilities to:
• Supervise, train, and evaluate subordinates
• Perform cost and price analysis
• Negotiate business agreements
• Organize and prioritize unit workload to meet deadlines and operating needs
• Supervise County credit card program
• Use electronic purchasing systems, modern office equipment and software
• Read, interpret and explain laws, rules and office policies and procedures
• Follow written and oral instructions
• Perform basic math; use and calculate measuring units
• File records alphabetically and numerically
• Prepare written records and complete logs
• Compile data for purposes of bidding and awarding contracts
• Effectively communicate orally and in writing
• Establish effective working relationships with management, employees, employee representatives and the public representing diverse cultures and background
• Treat County employees, representatives of outside agencies and members of the public with courtesy and respect
• Assess the customer's immediate needs and ensure customer's receipt of needed services through personal service or making appropriate referral
• Exercise appropriate judgment in answering questions and releasing information; analyze and project consequences of decisions and/or recommendations
Desirable Traits

Leadership, Communicates Effectively, Knowledge Worker, Holds Self and Others accountable, Problem Solving and Innovation, Demonstrates Ethical Behavior, Leverages Resources (Coaches and Develops), Drives to Excel, Maximizes Team Effectiveness, Supportive of Change