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TBRA Project Assistant
Ref No.: 18-04877
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Segment:State and Local
Under the general supervision of the Director of the Tice Office Management Systems, has
responsibility for the initiation, coordination, and implementation of certain computer based
administrative and educational systems in the higher education community in New Jersey.


Assists in the development and coordination of cooperative efforts as a means of providing
increased computer services to students, faculty, researchers, and administrators in all of the

Assists in the development of techniques for the accumulation of information to enrich the
coordinating and governance responsibilities of the Board and Department of Higher Education.

Assists in the Departmental master planning activities by providing staff support in the evaluation
and projection of long-term information systems and processes to support certain academic
computing and administrative computing functions. Assists in the preparation of general computer
hardware and soft-ware plans in the higher education community.

Assists in the initiation of specific plans for the development of computer hardware and software
budgets and related long-range financial and configuration plans. By coordinating with the
academic program offices and other administrative offices as required, assists in the planning for
computers and information systems in the institutions. Oversees, where appropriate, the specific
implementation of projects as assigned.

Assists in the promotion of cooperative ventures among New Jersey institutions of higher
education in the field of data processing, information systems and management systems. Specific
cooperative ventures will include overview and coordinating responsibilities relating to the
fundamental information processing systems at the colleges and as these systems relate through
the New Jersey Educational computing Network. Additional cooperative ventures will include the
negotiation of the State/NJEO Annual contract and required support functions appropriate to that

Conduct special studies and analyses as assigned by the Chancellor, the Vice chancellor, and the
Director of the Office of Management Systems.

Supervises the work operations and/or functional programs and has responsibility for effectively
recommending the hiring, firing, promoting, demoting and/or disciplining of employees.

Performs the above and other duties as mutually agreed to through the execution of periodic work
plans specifying in detail work description, the activities to be performed, milestone estimates, and
the resource budget. Such duties to include:

Negotiate the State/NJECN Annual Contract.

Establish structures for monitoring performance under the Annual Contract.

Obtain statistical data about NJECN utilization and performance.

Review the computer budgets of the institutions and make recommendations about computer
support level.

Maintain liaison relationship with the Bureau of Data Processing Management, the Budget Bureau,
and the Purchase Bureau on matters relating to contract development and administration.

Maintain the Office of Management Systems Budget.

Maintain the installed computer inventory at the colleges in New Jersey.

Represent the Department on task forces and committees.



Possess the Baccalaureate degree in any of the disciplines of computer science, engineering, or
the management sciences.


Five (5) years' experience in administrative, staff or consultancy capacity in higher education with
at least two years of specific experience in computer or computer related functions.


Demonstrate knowledge of information systems and computer technology and be familiar with
institutional research nomenclatures and techniques.

Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary organization and administrative patterns in post-
secondary education.

Experience in programming languages, JCL and systems analysis techniques is highly desirable.

Communicate effectively -- both orally and written. Motivate others to the completion of mutually
agreed to or assigned tasks.

Represent the Department of higher Education in a professional manner.

Advocate the goals, mission and objectives of the Board of Higher Education.

Be free of physical limitations related to the general requirements for the position.

Ability to read, write, speak and understand English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.

Good health and freedom from disabling physical and mental defects which would impair the
proper performance of the required duties or which might endanger the health and safety of oneself
or others.