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Biology Intern
Ref No.: 18-04748
Location: San Jose, California
Due Date :05/07/2018
Segment:State and Local

Position: Biology Intern 18-125
Part-time: 20 hours/ week
Duration: 550 Hours

Major is Biology, (Not micro biology) Botney, Zoology or Ecology
Enjoys fieldwork
Knowledgable with MS office Suite
GIS is important to have

Developing practical skills of applying natural history and ecology in an advisory role to project proponents via compliance documentation, resource evaluation and the links to impact analysis.
Understanding of the regulatory framework of CEQA, NEPA, Wildife Code, Water Quality, Environmental Quality as applied to water infrastructure.
Developing efficient field to office techniques to convert field work to useable documentation information.

Applicable college curriculum required:
Successfully completed college courses in Biology, Zoology, Botany and/or Ecology or related subjects to include understanding of priciples of ecology as it pertains to wildlife and plants.
Job duties:
Under supervision, the intern in this position will perfoim a variety of field and data management activities in support of various permit and CEQA requirements for WUE Operations, Maintenance and Capital projects. These include
routine operations for Dam Maintenance, Pipeline Maintenance, Recharge and Raw Water Operations. This will include biologial surveys, complaince monitoring and routine data collection for parameters such as water quality, wildlife habitat typing and vegetation characterization, and sensitive species occurrences in support of various permit and CEQA requirements. Under guidance, as more experinece is gained, more complex assignments may include
review of work products produced by others.

Knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do the job:
Strong ability to identify local wildlife, especially native birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles. Familiarity with and ability to identify common local plants and habitats. Computer skills include understanding of MS-Office Suite
applications: MS-Word, MS-Excel, Outlook. Good written and oral communication skills. Understanding the principles of GIS. Familiarity with CEQA and wildlife regulations. Operate motor vehicle. Function safely in the field
while on uneven terrain, in/around wadeable streams, ponds and reservoirs while conducting field work. Ability to work with others and on individual assignments.