Ref No.: 18-04387
Location: San Jose, California
Due Date :04/30/2018
Segment:State and Local
  • POSITION: Intern
  • LOCATION: 5700 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA
  • TYPE: Part Time – 200 Hours
  • Part time- 16-20 Hours

Leaming objectives:
Asset management principals including: asset registry, hierarchy, condition assessment, risk, failure analysis,
preventative maintaince, and management strategies.

Applicable college curriculum required:
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering, with some GIS coursework

Job duties:
  • Updating and improving quality of asset databases
  • Adding corrosion control assets to asset databases
  • Assisting with setting up new pipeline Maximo site including standardizing asset names
  • Obtaining and digitally cataloging pump and motor O&M manuals
  • Conducting condition assessments at facilities
  • Conducting field vibration tests and assisting with vibration data analysis
  • Creating GIS maps for pipeline maintenance
  • Updating pipeline and appurtenance GIS layers
  • Develop a treated water pump GIS layer
  • Developing hydraulic models of pipelines and pump stations
  • Researching pipeline capacities and level of service
  • Creating tables and graphs to complete an Asset Management Plan for Coyote Pumping Plant