Ref No.: 18-03130
Location: Charleston, West Virginia
Due Date :03/27/2018
Work Authorization:US Citizen
Segment:State and Local
Nature of Work: Under limited supervision, performs
professional work at the full-performance level by promoting and
presenting public health nutrition programs. Performs related
work as required. Public contact and travel are required. May
be required to supervise.
Distinguishing Characteristics: This is professional, fullperformance
level work in public health nutrition. Performance
at this level requires greater technical skills, more independent
judgement and work involving planning and organizational skills.
Positions with responsibility for the dietary unit at a state
facility are typically assigned to this class.
Examples of Work
Provides therapeutic dietary counseling and nutritional
assessments for medically high-risk clients, such as in
prenatal and pediatric clinics.
Provides nutrition counseling services to Intermediate Care
Facilities or other outside agencies. (Must be a
Registered Dietician).
Provides nutrition counseling under contract through Medicaid
reimbursable Programs. (Must be a Registered Dietician).
Conducts in-services, presentations, and provides consultation
on nutrition topics to groups and organizations.
Develops menus for regular and therapeutic diets for patients
or residents of a facility.
Conducts staff in-services and training.
Acts as Nutrition Education Liaison responsible for developing,
implementing and evaluating the Nutrition Education
Program for a multi-county area.
Acts as Breast-feeding Coordinator responsible for developing,
implementing and evaluating a multi-county Breast-feeding
Promotion Program.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of the principles and practices of dietetics and
nutrition, as related to public health.
Knowledge of the organization of public health services,
food services, food assistance and nutritional education
Knowledge of developments in the field of public health as
related to nutrition.
Skill in interviewing medically high-risk clients, assessing
their nutritional status and counseling them concerning
Skill in program management and coordination.
Skill in conducting training in-services.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (cont'd)
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships
with both professional and advocate or constituent
Ability to collect, analyze and evaluate data and technical
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in
Ability to write goals and objectives in planning and
developing broad range nutrition programs.
Minimum Qualifications
Training: Graduation from an accredited four-year college or
university with a bachelor's degree in foods and nutrition,
dietetics or public health nutrition; or a bachelor's
degree in a related field with 12 hours in nutrition.
Experience: One year of full-time or equivalent part-time
paid employment as:
dietician or nutritionist employed by a health or
welfare agency, food clinic, hospital, child
development center, school system, nutrition
council, teacher of foods or nutrition in an accredited
school or college; agent or food and nutrition specialist
in the Agricultural Extension Service; or research worker
in foods or nutrition.
Substitution: Graduation from a Coordinated Undergraduate
Program in dietetics, completion of an AP4 Program in
nutrition or dietetic internship approved by the American
Dietetic Association, or a graduate degree from an
accredited college or university in a related field may be
substituted for the required year of experience.
Note: Preference in hiring may be given to an applicant who
has current Registered Dietician status with the American
Dietetic Association.