Previous Job
Sr Service Center Technician 1
Ref No.: 18-03053
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Work Authorization:USC/Green Card
-position will be 2nd or 3rd shift (3:30pm-12am or 10:30pm-7am)
-training will take place on FIRST SHIFT (typically starting from 7am-3:30pm) and can last up to 6 weeks
-candidates must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents
-posted at a senior level, manager is open to skill levels ranging from entry to senior, please submit your candidates accordingly with the following bill rates:
Level 1: $26.68
Level 2: $31.00
Level 3: $34.10
-HS DIPLOMA or equivalent is the minimum REQUIRED education
-submittal limit is 7 per supplier to start

Job Summary
Bench level Electronics Technician. Responsible to perform testing, troubleshooting, repair, and modification of various moderate to complex electronics/avionics equipment in accordance with Client Services Workmanship and Quality Standards for products returned from airlines, dealers, airframes, and/or end users for service under close or general supervision depending on labor grade. This will involve component level trouble shooting (transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, etc) and repair of circuit card assemblies.

Job Responsibilities
•Sets up and operates precision test equipment for alignment, troubleshooting and testing of electrical equipment and systems. Possesses advanced knowledge of standard test equipment, oscilloscopes, ohmmeters, signal generators, spectrum analyzers etc, as well as advanced knowledge of custom-made test equipment including automatic test equipment.
•Aligns and adjusts complex electrical components on units being tested to ensure proper functioning of electrical circuits, utilizing established test procedures.
•Analyzes circuitry and physically checks wiring and operation of various electronic parts, units, and systems components necessary to locate malfunction causes found during testing of components, equipment or systems.
•Performs difficult electrical/mechanical repair operations consisting of disassembly and assembly of units.
•Verifies that repairs or modifications performed on customer equipment conform to Client Quality and Workmanship Standards. Records results of repair and modification actions and accounts for time required to perform each task on Service Worksheets
•Prepares estimate of repair costs for customer, may be required to communicate technical and financial aspects of repair costs both in verbal and written form to internal and external customers.
•Able to research and provide an in-depth estimates for units requiring extensive repairs, required service bulletins, overhauls and complete rebuilds.
•Have advanced knowledge of various avionics systems, basic electronics theories and associated circuitry and components.
•Understands the importance of accurate paperwork and how it impacts the repair process. Understands the importance of continually improving quality. Supports and promotes continuous process improvement and Lean initiatives.
•Understands safety requirements and performs duties in accordance with all safety procedures.
•Understand current workload and production needs to assist senior techs and leads in determining how to best use available resources to meet established goals.
•Able to research and provide an in-depth estimate for overhauls and required bulletins.
•May be required to perform related duties as assigned.
•Accurately records results of repair and modification actions, accounts for time, and records other data per SCOP requirements in SAP or on Service Worksheets as applicable.

Basic Qualifications
•Associates degree in electronics technology or appropriate discipline or an equivalent vocational certificate in electronics is preferred. High school diploma or equivalent is the minimum education requirement.
•US Citizenship or Permanent Residency
•Surface mount/through hole soldering experience a must
•Electronics component level repair experience preferred
•RF repair experience preferred.