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Dental Assistant
Ref No.: 18-02689
Location: Richmond, Indiana

To assist the dentist in providing dental treatment needs for patients served by the State Operated Facilities.  Performs basic office procedures to effectively meet the demands of a dental practice.  Monitors dental equipment along with sterilization requirements per OSHA. Undertaking of other job duties and responsibilities as assigned per Health Clinic Supervisor.
Primary essential duties include basic dental assisting skills, scheduling of the dental clinic, and adherence to sterilization and infection control policies.  Maintains inventory control/ordering of dental materials and supplies. Performs related work as directed or required.
Job Requirements:
Previous experience as a dental assistant or completion of an accredited course of training as a dental assistant. Current X-ray Licensure, Computer skills including Microsoft Excel and Word as well as a valid drivers license.  Must have competency based training for the sterlilization process.     
Difficulty of Work:
Requires the ability to multi-task with excellent organizational skills and be highly reliable.  Must be knowledgable regarding adherence to standard dental practices by the Amercian Dental Association, OSHA and the CDC Dental Guidelines.  Must possess good communication skills and integrity to work effectively with multiple disciplines.
-Scheduling and assisting Dentist with dental procedures.
-Prepares patients for treatment by arranging instruments and making them ready for use.
-Tracking  and scheduling annual dental exams hospital wide.
-Educate patients about proper detnal care and hygiene during visits.
-Speaks to the patients to make them feel safe before, during and after treatment.
-Demonstrates responsibility for proper techniques in sterilization, clinic disinfection and on-going monitoring of specific care indicators, such as x-ray exposure badges, biological spore testing and infection control solutions.
-Ability to keep inventory control/ordering of dental materials and supplies.
-Accurtely documents procedures performed as approved by the dentist.
-Maintains dental records and charts and completes correspondence needed for continiuty of care. 
-Maintains any renewal or certification for dental equipment such as lead aprons, x-ray machines and badges. 
-Maintains equipment cleaning log on a weekly  and monthly basis.
-Maintains dental equipment and schedules routine mainteance. 
-Maintains oversight of eyewash stations for compliance with environment of care and infection control measures in the dental clinic.
Personal Work Relationships:
Works with agency staff, consultants, service providers, patients and their family members to provide comprehensive dental treatment and to fulfill other obligations and duties as assigned.
Physical Effort:
Moderate physical effort is utilized in the dental clinic.  May require some light lifting, bending, stooping or kneeling during the process of completing inventory of hospital supplies and assests. 
Working Conditions:
The work environment may be hazardous at times with chemicals, sharps and equipment in use within the dental setting.  Potential exposure to radiation when assisting patients with x-rays.  Staff are required to wear aprons and wear x-ray exposure badges.  Staff  must wear proper PPE during dental procedures and sterilzation process.  Must be capable of standing for periods of time during dental and other clinic duties as well as but not limited to registering supplies and stock.