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Substance Abuse Counselor 4
Ref No.: 18-02611
Location: Richmond, Indiana

Provide substance abuse counseling to clients as they attempt to deal with their substance abuse. Teach substance abuse concepts in both large and small group settings.
Interact professionally w/ consumers, family and other staff. Provide case management documentation as assigned. Show knowledge and ability to handle mental illness concepts and behaviors in the workplace setting.
will work at a min 1 evening a week and completed client centered activity.
To provide Substance Abuse information and counseling to clients asthey attempt to deal with their substance abuse/dependency issues and work toward abstinence.

  • Interact professionally with consumers, family and other staff.
  • Teach sbustance abuse concepts in both large and small group setteings,
  • Provide case management, documentation as asigned.
  • Show knowedge and abililty to handle mental health illness concepts and behaviors in workplace setting. May assume role of unit coordinatior and will complete dutie in that capacity.

Job Requirements:
  • May need to complete 2AN5 status for one year before eligible.
  • Significant interpersonal skills and dedication required.

Difficulty of Work:
Moderate to hard level depending on service functions being managed. Moderate if not unit coordinator, but difficult in duties that include unit coordinator.

Required to cover 14 hours of classes related to substance abuse and reacovery each week, unless in role of unit coordinator, in which case 2 hours are removed form requirement. Will work a minimum of one evening a week and complete a client centered activity. Will complete a minimum fo 29 hours of profession status training each year relative to position (this may include hospital wide training hours).

Personal Work Relationships:
Will be able to stragetize effective solutions to issues on addictions service line and for the treatment team. Will work with other disciplines to coordinate services and assure quality control. Will report as necessary goals and problems related to effective program outcomes.

Physical Effort:
Will be trained in Bridge Building, and will mange paperwork for program needs, unit needs and case management.

Working Conditions:
Will be flexible and efficient towrd completeing task related to clients and paperwork. Will work in an office with a computer. Dexterity is requird in both handeling and standard tasks as well as disruptive issues/interpersonal concerns, ect. Hope for clients is important to maintain for all concumers, especially those with co-occuring mental illness and substance abuse issues. Consumers may become behaviorally volatile which increases rick to peers, staff and self.