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Manufacturing Software Engineer
Ref No.: 18-01966
Location: Salt Lake, Utah
Minimum Years of Experience: 3 Years
Shift: 1st
Function: Reporting to the Engineering Manager, this position is responsible for the design, implementation, verification and validation of software used in manufacturing.

Core Responsibilities:
Reporting to the Engineering Manager, this position is responsible for the design, implementation, verification and validation of software used in manufacturing and other tasks as assigned.
Essential job functions: Specific Responsibilities:

• Provide sustaining engineering for internal manufacturing software in compliance with Client Design Controls process.

Activities include:
- Software Planning
- Software Requirements
- Software design, implementation, unit test and code review.
- Software Verification and Validation.
- Software Version and Defect management.
- Software Release.

• Provide technical support for manufacturing engineering, quality and operations.
Required skills: Job Requirements:

Technical Skills:

• Experience: A minimum of five (5) years in the development of multi-threaded applications software using design patterns such as MVP.
• Demonstrated expertize in C#.
• Ability to analyze source code and generate documentation that provides clear and concise view of architecture, structure and data flow.
• Demonstrated proficiency with SQL Server database and data-mining/reports.
• Demonstrated proficiency in HTML/Scripting languages (Coldfusion experience is an asset).

People Skills:

• Proven experience in successfully providing technical support to non-software staff, ideally within a regulated manufacturing environment.
• Proven experience in managing support while delivering on commitments.
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal while being enthusiastic, motivated and self-driven.
• A key part of the Client culture is to trust our people to do the job and provide the correct training and empowerment, with this comes the responsibility on the part of the candidate to take ownership of own deliverables and commitments as well as providing clear communications with engineering manager and other stakeholders on task status.

Software Process Knowledge:

• Demonstrated experience developing to IEC 62304 or similar formal software design controls process.

Other skills (a plus):

• Experience with test equipment in a manufacturing environment.
• Experience with writing code that interfaces with serial devices via RS232 and/or USB.
• Experience in estimating and creating software schedules in MS Project.
• Data analysis using Excel or similar tool.
Scope: In summary the manager is looking for 3 essential skills:

1. Strong technical skills with demonstrated experience.

A lot of the resumes are from candidates with mixed technical skills such as some embedded and some C#, when I dig into the actual C# experience in most cases it is shallow and piecemeal. They must have strong problem solving skills. Solving issues in our operations area requires primarily understanding process and tying that to data and/or software code.

2. Good people and time management skills.

The person in this role will support our quality, operations and mfg engineering directly as well as complete assigned software engineering tasks. It is vital they be able to clearly communicate, diagnose issues, fit in with our culture and provide prompt assistance in order to keep our lines up. When problems come up in operations, the line will typically be on hold (not building), which means it impacts the bottom line of our financials when extended as we are not shipping. If they don't fit in then the rest of my team will end up having to pick up the work which is not acceptable either.

3. Proven experience working to a formal design controls process.

We are a medical device company and must follow formalized procedures, while we acknowledge that most candidates do not have this experience, this can be a problem when they onboard as we run the risk of them just not 'getting' process in any way. We cannot afford mistakes in the manufacturing area, the impact can be as serious as a product recall.
Education: • Education: BS-Computer Science degree or equivalent STEM degree.