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Commissioning Specialist (P/T)
Ref No.: 18-01722
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
1 Person Needed -- Part-time

Start Date: 2/26/18 or ASAP
Pay Rate: $40-45/hr
Part-Time: approx. 20 hrs/wk
Temp-to-Hire (after 520 hrs minimum)
Project Duration: 2 years
Location: Lakewood, CO 80226 (zip code is approximate)
Must be LOCAL (no per diem or relo)
Must clear Drug Screen and Background check
Interviews are Required
US citizenship - Required
* Mechanical or Electrical degree preferred.
* Prior experience with laboratory commissioning a huge benefit.


Provide Commissioning Services during the Construction and Post-Occupancy Phase of a laboratory renovation project in Lakewood, CO.

The Commissioning Authority (CxA) will lead the overall project commissioning effort and will work with other specialty testing/commissioning participants, on an as needed basis, to provide documented confirmation that the facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of GSA, occupants, and operators. This scope extends involvement through the 12-month construction phase and the 12 month warranty phase.

The CxA will serve as an objective advocate of the Owner, will oversee and coordinate the commissioning process and will present final recommendations to the Owner regarding the performance of the commissioned building systems.

Provide Commissioning Services for all submissions in accordance with the following, as detailed in the remainder of this document:

GSA Facilities Standard for the Public Building Services PBS-P100, 2015. GSA PBS's The Building Commissioning Guide. ASHRAE Guideline 0, The Commissioning Process. EPA Commissioning Guidelines.

Report results, findings, and recommendations directly to the Owner, with assistance by Construction Manager as Agent (CMa), with recommendations.

Systems to Be Commissioned:

Building Enclosure, Plumbing Systems, Special Water Systems, HVAC, Vibration isolation and noise control, HVAC Building Automation System, Electrical Power Systems, Lighting and Lighting Control Systems.

Pre-Functional Performance Procedures (PFPP): Pre-functional checklists verify that the physical installation of equipment meets the design intent, specifications and good industry practice. For static systems, the terms construction, or installation, checklists may be used synonymously. For mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems these procedures will also be used to verify that equipment and systems are ready for startup by the appropriate vendors and/or contractors, and completion of the procedures will be required before said startup. The forms will be written by the CxA and will be filled out by the contractors with review by the CxA. Completed pre-functional forms will be kept by the CxA and included in the final Commissioning Report.

System Performance Testing:

Contractor Testing: The CxA shall review procedures and test forms to be used by the contractors for specified contractor field testing such as duct and piping leakage, pipe cleaning and flushing, megger testing, etc. The CxA will witness selected vendor testing. The contractors will be required to provide adequate advance notification to the Commissioning Team prior to start of testing activities to facilitate witnessing by the CxA and other interested parties. Documentation from these tests shall be provided to the CxA by the contractors for review and inclusion in the Commissioning Report.

Start-Up: Equipment start-up is the responsibility of the contractor, or the equipment manufacturer or vendor in accordance with the protocols of the Commissioning Plan. Prior to start-up, the contractors shall provide written start-up plan consisting of procedures and sample start-up forms to the CxA for review. The CxA will review and comment on the contractor's, or vendors, forms and procedures, will assist the General Contractor (GC) and contractors in coordinating start-up activities, and will witness selected equipment start-ups. The contractors will be required to provide adequate advance notification to the Commissioning Team prior to start-up to facilitate witnessing by the CxA. Contractors will provide completed start-up forms to the CxA for inclusion in the Commissioning Report.
Construction Observations: Observe the construction process and report its findings to the Owner, the GC, and specific subcontractors, as appropriate. Construction observations conducted by the CxA are independent from and intended to augment, and not replace, the CMa's and Design Team's field observations.

Functional Performance Procedures (FPP): The CxA will develop functional test procedures and forms to verify operation of both equipment and systems. The CxA will lead execution of the functional procedures with participation and assistance from the appropriate contractors. The goal of the functional performance procedures is to verify the final functional abilities of individual equipment, sub-systems and systems. Functional checks usually follow an "inverted pyramid” flow, meaning that individual pieces of equipment are tested first. Once equipment operation has been checked, system level testing is executed starting with smaller sub-systems, followed by higher-level system testing, and finally with the all-important overall system performance (Integrated System Testing). The CxA will document the functional procedures and include this information in the Commissioning Report. Initial functional performance testing will be scheduled and executed as soon as systems are deemed ready for testing by the Commissioning Team. Off-season functional testing of weather and occupancy dependent systems will be performed during the next season, as appropriate and as system status, weather conditions, and building occupancy allow. This testing will be coordinated and scheduled by the CxA with participation from the affected contractors.

Conduct representative field testing of acoustical performance in finished spaces. Report results to Owner and Design Team and recommend remedies.

Conduct representative field testing of lighting and lighting control performance in finished spaces. Report results to Owner and Design Team and recommend remedies.

Verify that the requirements for training operating personnel and building occupants are completed.

CxA to oversee and verify Contractor's training of Owner's personnel in the operation and maintenance of systems and equipment listed in this Section and as mentioned in other sections. Where applicable, contractors shall coordinate with the Commissioning Team for developing the hours of instruction and scope of material to be covered. Training of Owner's personnel shall not begin until Owner has approved the final submittal copy of the operation and maintenance manuals and training programs, and the building systems and equipment are complete and operational.

The proposed scope of training, training materials and instruction schedule shall be submitted for review and approval approximately 30 days before the scheduled completion of the work for which training is to occur. Mutually agreeable dates for training shall be arranged with Owner.

The Commissioning Team will provide sample training session guidelines and agendas for use by the Contractors in developing their training programs where applicable.

Post-Occupancy Building Operation and Final Satisfaction Review

Approximately ten months into the first twelve months of the warranty period, the CxA shall conduct follow-up review and other activities. Objectives of this review shall include:

Complete seasonal or deferred testing not completed during the construction period.

Review operational issues identified by the Owner during the first months of occupancy and assist the Owner with resolution of these issues.

Assist the Owner in identifying issues or problems to be addressed by the contractor's and/or equipment manufacturers as warranty claims.

Provide a post-acceptance letter report outlining results of the scope of services in this phase, including follow-up recommendations.

Prepare a final commissioning report for the building Owner. The report will contain specific component and system checkout information (pre-functional checklists, contractor testing and start-up documentation, and functional performance forms) as well as relevant commissioning-related information regarding system operation. The commissioning report is intended to augment the O&M submissions and not replace them. In addition to this final commissioning report, interim observation reports will be issued as deemed appropriate by the CxA.


4-year degree in Chemical Engineering (or related field) and 8-10 years of related work experience. Professional Engineer registration is preferred.


Proficiency in utilizing CAD and other PC software packages typically associated with engineering is required.