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Business Analyst (BAN)
Ref No.: 18-00193
Location: Carson City, Nevada
Due Date :03/13/2018
Work Authorization:Any Visa
Segment:State and Local

1.EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED – listed in order of importance

Consultant must have:

1.1The capability to perform the functions described in Section 13, Scope of Work;

1.2The ability to meet all the required qualifications for a Business Analyst under the Service Level Classifications, specifically including, but not limited to, a minimum of three (3) years of analyzing business practices and procedures for the purpose of defining and establishing new and improved procedures and practices. Improved practices may include the use of automated information technologies and as such, require experience that includes specialized technical skills or experience in the use of those technologies;

1.3One or more of the following certifications or identified equivalent experience:

1.3.1PMI-PBA; or
1.3.2CBAP; or
1.3.3CCBA; or

1.4Two (2) years minimum experience in:

1.4.1Documentation of current practices and procedures, workflow, information flow and current automated systems;

1.4.2Definition of problems, issues, and/or areas needing improvement;

1.4.3Definition of alternative/potential solutions;

1.4.4Implementation of plans for best solutions and/or practices;

1.4.5Requirements collection and documentation; and

1.4.6The use of information technology tools required is: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

2.EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS DESIRED – listed in order of importance

2.1Additional desired experience and skills include:

2.1.1Experience with collaborative process improvement software for process modeling
2.1.2State government
2.1.3Law enforcement records
2.1.4Data bases
2.1.5Software development
2.1.6Agile Methodology User Stories
2.1.7Project management
2.1.8Bachelor's Degree


The Nevada Parole and Probation Division (NPP) of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) jointly with the Enterprise IT Services Division (EITS) of the Department of Administration (DoA) is currently modernizing its Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS). OTIS is a 24x7, mission critical law enforcement application. The primary objectives of the OTIS modernization project are:

1.1Reprogram legacy functionality to more up-to-date and modern application framework;

1.2Modernize the legacy platform to address technical liabilities and limitations;

1.3Improve system functionality for day-to-day end-user operations;

1.4Enhance the system to include additional data collection and reporting needs;

1.5Reduce unnecessary data entry redundancies; and

1.6Maintain and improve federal Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security requirements.

The OTIS modernization project is scheduled to be completed by July 30, 2018.


Consultant must perform all activities to the agreed upon project plan/schedule. Work must be completed according to the specifications and standards set by the State.

2.1The Business Analyst will work with the Project Manager, NPP staff, EITS application development staff, contracted Testing Lead and contracted Training Lead to meet the following goals for approximately fifteen (15) OTIS functional areas:

2.1.1Refinement of business and system requirements;
2.1.2User Acceptance Test (UAT) planning;
2.1.3UAT development;

2.1.4UAT execution, coordination and support;
2.1.5Training Plan development; and
2.1.6Training content and materials development.


Consultant must provide the following based on the agreed upon project plan/schedule. Deliverables for all assigned projects shall include, but not be limited to:

3.1Document and provide business and system requirements in a format approved by the Project Manager;

3.2Assist in the preparation of Use Acceptance Test (UAT) plan for review and approval by the Project Manager;

3.3Assist Testing Lead in the development of UAT test cases;

3.4Assist Testing Lead in the execution, coordination and support of User Acceptance testing;

3.5Assist Training Lead in the development of a Training Plan;

3.6Assist Training Lead in the development of training content and materials; and

3.7All deliverables must be in a State and/or Program Manager approved format and software and completed within agreed upon deadlines.

3.8Weekly status reports to include, but not be limited to:

3.8.1Overall completion status of the project in terms of the approved project plan and schedule;

3.8.2Problems that were encountered and proposed/actual resolutions;

3.8.3Issues that need to be addressed;

3.8.4Accomplishments during the period; and

3.8.5Activities to be accomplished during the next reporting period.