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Planinig Superintendent
Ref No.: 17-14945
Location: Wood River, Illinois

Minimum Requirements: Qualifications a candidate MUST have to be considered for the position
If they don't meet these, they will not be routed to the hiring manager.
Must include at least the classification requirements from compensation description.
Preferred Requirements (if applicable):
Qualifications that it would be nice to see in a candidate.
* High school diploma or demonstrated equivalent.
* 8 years experience in field construction
supervision including 2 years experience in the Assistant
General Superintendent position or demonstrated equivalent.
Level Specific Responsibilities: Under limited direction, has
responsibility for all construction/ maintenance and Turn around activities on a project.
Reports to the TA,Maintenance, or project Manager and is thoroughly
knowledgeable and fully accountable with considerable
latitude in decision making. Interprets, Develops Plans organizes and
coordinates work assignments. SHALL have P-66 Wood River experience as a Multi-craft Planner/Supervisor/TA or Project Coordinator
Note: Will be responsible for the Planning and supervision of Pipe-fitters, Boilermakers, Insulators, Labors, Insulators, Painters, Operating engineers and Teamsters = 50 craft +/- Maybe responsible to supervise other Contractors and sub contractors

Preferred Requirements (if applicable):
Qualifications that it would be nice to see in a candidate.
Can be used to screen candidates but are not required.
Position Description: Responsibilities successful candidate will perform on a day-to-day basis.
Can include information about reporting structure.
Construction Supervision
§ Responsible for work procedures, scheduling, cost control, project specification conformity,
establishment of Client levels, monitoring and implementation of safety programs, project
conformance to national, local and/or company building codes and the maintenance of accurate records.
§ Responsible for the satisfactory conduct of all construction operations and task accomplishment in an
economical, efficient and timely manner on a project.
§ Monitors craft performance relative to budget, schedules and deadlines.
§ Monitors Client utilization, effectiveness and productivity.
§ Facilitates the efficient use of personnel and equipment.
§ Implements and enforces work rules.
§ Coordinates movement and use of equipment and supplies with Material Management.
§ Requisitions tools, materials and equipment in accordance with established procedures and necessary lead
§ Prepares and reviews plans, specifications, drawings and schedules to determine work phases and work
§ Determines and recommends solutions to construction and architectural discrepancies.
§ Inspects fieldwork to evaluate construction progress, efficiency of operation and cost control.
§ Responsible for overall project workmanship and goal attainment.