Previous Job
Community Assistant Consultant
Ref No.: 17-12424
Location: Orlando, Florida
Due Date :08/10/2018
Segment:State and Local
Position : Community Assistant Consultant
Duration Long Term

Duties and Responsibilities:
(1) Area Command Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management. Serve as the Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) plan subject matter expert and provide Major Area Command (MACOM) primary staff with specific guidance regarding the Florida National Guard (FLNG) DSCA Joint Operations Plan (JOPLAN). Assist with the EOC operation; review procedures and provide recommendations to ensure effective EOC operations; overall operational command and control resides with the primary MACOM Area Command staff.

(2) Area Command EOC Plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Updates. Participate in updating Area Command DSCA operational plans (OPLANs), law enforcement readiness checklists, information planning packets and all other suspenses listed in Annex X, FLNG JOPLAN.

(3) Area Command DSCA Communications. Assist the Director of Military Support (DOMS) in the state emergency communication systems operation; research problems or situations pertaining to emergency communications; provide MACOM commander and staff recommendations relating to emergency communications; review procedures to ensure effective communications; coordinate with state and local agencies on the development of integrated and interagency communications for DSCA operations; perform routine operational checks; schedule and coordinate maintenance services for radios, to include military and commercial emergency communications equipment.

(4) Area Command Liaison Activities. Establish liaison with county EOCs; participate in local level training and exercises; attend local, state, and federal level planning meetings and conferences as necessary; develop and maintain positive working relationship with Florida Department of Emergency Management's (DEM) Regional Coordinators and other associated local, state, and federal mission partners.

(5) Area Command DSCA Training Events and Conferences. Maintain proficiency in civil support concepts and emergency operations in order to instruct Area Command staff; track DSCA training requirements and completion of Area Command personnel.

(6) Area Command DSCA reporting. Assist MACOM Area Command staffs develop and provide quarterly readiness reports; provide bi-weekly readiness updates to Director of Military Support (DOMS); complete suspense requirements for additional reports, as required.

(7) Any other duties assigned by DOMS and/or Area Command.