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Systems Administrator
Ref No.: 17-09750
Location: Lexington, Massachusetts
MITLL supports the United States Air Force in many mission areas that include air vehicle survivability, vulnerability of USAF aircraft to weapons systems, electronic countermeasures and air surveillance for homeland defense. In support of these efforts, MITLL operates airborne and ground-based testbeds composed of state of the art instrumentation and sensors. MITLL requires one (1) full time System Administrator to assist with the installation, maintenance, repair, upgrade of computer, data storage, and network infrastructure on these testbeds.

Position Scope/Job Functions

Responsibilities include supporting the installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrade of computer, data storage, and network infrastructure on testbeds. Candidate will support Linux and Windows based platforms, applications and users, review and test new hardware and software applications, design and implement shell scripts and other tools to automate processes, troubleshoot issues and provide the required capabilities to technical staff. Additional duties include supporting projects to improve aspects of the computing and network infrastructures such as data storage, backup and recovery, network bandwidth and throughput, application installation and management, help design and implement configuration management, monitor systems and networks and assist with configuration of network devices such as routers and switches.

Skills: Required

Candidate must have strong Linux experience and a solid understanding of Windows and network fundamentals. Must have experience installing, configuring and operating network services such as DNS, DHCP, NIS, NFS, SSH, SAMBA, AD. Candidate should have experience installing and configuring routers and switches. Candidate must be team oriented, have strong communication skills and have the ability to work independently to develop Client IT solutions to enhance productivity and reliability of computing resources. Excellent customer service skills, communication skills, comprehensive and troubleshooting skills are required.

Skills: Preferred
Demonstrated experience working with technical end users on a daily basis.

Education/Professional Certifications

System Administrator I
1. MS OR BS and at least 1 Certification.
2. At least 8 years of applicable experience.
System Administrator II
1. BS OR Associate's degree and at least 1 Certification.
2. At least 5 years of applicable experience.
System Administrator III
1. Associate's degree OR Technical School Certificate OR 1 or more Certifications.
2. At least 3 years of applicable experience
Professional quality resumes of qualified candidates are required for consideration
MITLL is accepting candidates in each level specified that meet the requirements noted.
7. Laboratory-furnished equipment and information
Office space and a Laboratory computer will be provided.
8. Place of Performance: Lexington, MA location.
9. Period of Performance (PoP) : Three (3) year period of performance is required.
10. Security
Will the performance of work require access to classified information? YES
What level of clearance is required? SECRET