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Senior level Data Scientist/Data Analyst (SAS)
Ref No.: 19-01889
Location: Arlington VA, Virginia

Please find below the job details: 
Position: Senior level Data Scientist/Data Analyst (SAS)
Location: Arlington VA
Section I: Position Description
· Expert Proficiency in SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio, Analytics for Office, and other SAS
tools to support the data analytic development process and assist in creating models and reports
· Coordinate with staff and customers to identify business and technical requirements
· Produce written documentation and artifacts for all work completed, including the translation of user
requirements into technical designs.
· Assist the agency in the development of SAS programming and visualization solutions
· Troubleshoot and provide support on existing projects or application efforts
· Understand the concepts supporting relational databases and data warehousing
· Knowledge of ODBC connection strings, and other external data source connection protocols
· Engineer data analytic solutions, including prototyping, proof of concept, and full implementation
· Evaluate, assess, document, and test data security and continuity of operations for systems and programs
· Ensure compatibility between equipment and software, analyze operational/systems requirements, support
design reviews, and present technical briefings
Section II: Position Requirements
· In‐depth knowledge of listed SAS products and the proven ability to create solutions in complex environments,
including the use of SAS software to create datasets, visualizations, and interactive reports
· Work as CDO liaison to CIO for server/system issues related to SAS
· Strong Documentation skills to capture collection of source data, methodology from business rules, and
visualization deployment from a myriad of sources and interactions with various stakeholders.
· Working knowledge of SQL, Base SAS, SAS QA, SAS Graph, ODS, and macro programming
· Write SAS code for data manipulation, sorting, summarizing, and reporting
· Review, analyze, and modify existing products including coding, debugging, testing, and documenting
· Ability to facilitate between business owners and end‐users who need to communicate with SAS administrators
and traditional IT Support staff
· Ensure that quality / security guidelines are followed
· Strong relational database and SQL experience
· Strong verbal and written communication skills
· Must be able to work effectively in a team environment
· Understand and follow a software development lifecycle (analysis, design, development, coding, testing,
debugging, documenting)
Section III: experience
· 5+ years' experience and skill in SAS coding and/or SAS visualizations
· 3+ years' experience working in SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence platform, and using SAS Enterprise BI tools
such as Enterprise Guide, Data Integration Studio, Information Map Studio, OLAP Cube Studio, Web Report
Studio, BI Dashboard, Visual Analytics, SAS Management Console, Data Management Studio, etc.
· Experience writing SAS program source code, including: Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS Procedures, Creating SAS
reports, SAS/Access, and Integration Technologies