Senior C# Developer
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Senior C# Developer
Ref No.: 18-02644
Location: New York, New York
Position Type:Contract
Global Investment Banking Client
1+ year contract
Senior C# Developer


- Design and develop platform components that enable and simplify Cloud-aware patterns for application developers. 

- Design and develop supporting APIs and libraries 

.- Collaborate and brainstorm with members of the team to ensure that common strategic goals are met.- Rapidly prototype and iteratively refine platform level capabilities. 

- Develop enhanced unit, integration and performance testing automation to verify the quality of our platforms. 

- Support development teams that use our platforms, improving developer experience from feedback 

.- Deploy enterprise-level updates to the platform 

.- Write technical documentation, update our internal site to better socialize our products and capabilities.Years of Experience: 8+ years 

Skills Required: 

Detailed understanding of .Net fundamentals including Memory management, Threads, Assemblies, Delegates, Lambdas 

- Understand .Net advanced concepts including LINQ, Tasks, Asynchronous and Concurrent Programming techniques. 

- Understand .Net web service application concepts including ASP .Net, WebApi, Asp MVC, WCF, DataServices and OData. 

- Solid understanding of Object-Oriented design patterns and principles. 

- Fluent in C# and JavaScript.- Understand Agile development practices. 

- Familiarity working with Linux systems 

.- Strong communication and presentation skills 

- Ability to intuitively combine traditional techniques and cutting-edge research to develop Client abstractions 

- Good technical documentation skills 

.- 2-5 years of enterprise application development experience 

Skills Desired: 

- Understanding of Functional programming patterns and principles 

.- Understand Windows Forms, WPF and UWP desktop UI technologies 

.- Understanding browser applications including AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery etc. 

- Familiar with extending Visual Studio to improve developer experience. 

- Experience with F#, especially its relationship to .Net and equivalence with C# 

.- Experience with Java 

- Experience writing and deploying Azure applications 

- Awareness of the distinction between Application development and Framework development 

-Ability to interact with and guide application developers having a wide range of skills and personalities.