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Bank Operations
Ref No.: 18-01983
Location: Miami, Florida
Position Type:Full Time
Job Summary
  • Responsible for overseeing and supervising the daily activities and workflow of the operations area. Ensuring a satisfactory level of timeliness, performance and accuracy.
  • Organizes, coordinates and handles the daily activities ensuring adherence to Agency's Policies and Procedures, regulations and sound banking practices.
  • Ensure timely handling of problem situations, investigations and general troubleshooting.
Responsibilities and Duties
  • Responsible for approving the daily process of:
  • ACH daily transactions.
  • New and Maintenance of customers and accounts
  • Lines of Credit..
  • Batches as required.
  • Teller transactions.
  • Incoming Funds
  • Monitor daily teller transactions to identify and report unusual or suspicious activity to Compliance officer and/or Management.
  • Review and transmit CTR reports
  • Verifies and reconcile daily teller activity reports and prepares memorandums to explain exceptions when necessary.
  • OFAC reviewer.
  • Reports any possible or exact OFAC matches to the Compliance Area.
  • Acts as Main Vault Custodian.
  • Assists in the preparation of daily and monthly reports for management pertaining to the specific supervised areas.
  • Assists in the update of operating procedures pertaining to the specific supervised areas.
  • Responsible for reviewing the daily reconciliation of Correspondent Bank accounts and their service charges.
  • Responsible for coordinating and assist in the cross training of personnel.
  • Acts as reserve teller in accordance with the policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for the review and approval of Foreign Exchange Deals.
  • Prepares performance evaluations for staff under his/her supervision.
  • Responsible for preparing the monthly Reg. D report (MMK Acct. Monitoring).
  • In general have strong knowledge and comply with US/State laws and bank regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with BSA, Anti-Money Laundering regulations, Travel Rule, OFAC and any other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Adherence to Bank / Agency's policies and procedures.
  • Adhere to Federal and State laws and regulations.
Qualifications and Skills
  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited University desired
  • Two plus years of banking operations experience.
  • Effective interpersonal, verbal & written communication skills both in English and Spanish
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks projects & deadlines.
  • Strong organizational and managerial skills.