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Network Architect
Ref No.: 17-03187
Location: Reston, Virginia
Position Type:Full Time
Pay Rate : $ 160,000.00 - 170,000.00 /Year
Network Architect

Job Description:
The candidate will work collaboratively with other operations and architecture groups to define standards and best practices, redesign and re-engineer network components when needed. The candidate will further work with the information security organization to assist in the detection and mitigation of security events.

The candidate must be an expert in the areas of internet routing protocol operation, network analysis and statistics generation, vendor and hardware/software selection, peering & transit issues, security mechanisms, attack mitigation, capacity planning, router, switch and firewall configuration, troubleshooting, and end-to-end network engineering.

The candidate will work closely with software development teams to customize network topologies so applications become more efficient in use of network resources as well as increasing the performance of the application.
The candidate will be working in a network environment that is moving towards automation and software-based network solutions.

The individual should be highly motivated; results oriented; have excellent communication, writing, presentation, and troubleshooting skills. The candidate should have experience interacting with senior management on complex technical issues.

To qualify for this opportunity, candidates must have the right balance of the problem-solving abilities, technical hands-on analysis and operation skills and have the ability to document existing infrastructures.

  • Bachelor or Masters in Computer Science (or equivalent knowledge), preferably with 10+ years of industry experience in large/carrier networks.
  • The candidate must be knowledgeable and conversant with modern Internet routing architectures, including BGP, OSPF, MPLS and IS-IS. Further, the candidate must be familiar with complex layer 2 ethernet topologies and associated protocols, including 802.1q, 802.3ad, 802.1d, 802.1w, 802.1s, pvst+ and 802.3af. The candidate should be familiar with GRE tunneling.
  • The candidate should have experience dealing with complex multivendor layer 2,3 and 4-7 environments, including Cisco, Juniper, Foundry, Palo Alto and CheckPoint.
  • The candidate must have a power user level of efficiency in Linux and server virtualization. This would include containers (e.g. Docker) and chroot installations.
  • The candidate must have a knowledge of how application stacks are designed and the pros and cons of different coding languages. Python and Ansible skills are desireable.
  • Experience with stateful firewall deployments and IPSEC is desirable, as is some experience with DWDM and optical switch administration.
  • The candidate should be comfortable designing systems and configurations to detect and mitigate complex and often unpredictable traffic anomalies, to include the use of IDS/IPS devices, packet sniffers, flow-based tools and traditional MPLS and BGP-based traffic engineering measures.
  • The candidate should have experience in negotiating and managing relationships governing worldwide transit, transport and peering arrangements, and should understand the associated intricacies of capacity planning and cost recovery.
  • The candidate should have experience developing network management tools to analyze traffic characteristics, assess network and device health, and assist with implementing tool interoperability.
  • The candidate should have a fundamental knowledge of DNS and its associated operational requirements.
  • The candidate should have solid writing skills, as they will be expected to publish documentation, as well as blog within the company
Third Party Applications Not Accepted