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Full Stack Developer
Ref No.: 18-13854
Location: Durham, North Carolina


Are you interested in serving the needs of millions of customers by building the best-in-class digital experience that helps them money movement solutions? Our chapter comprises teams that work on a wide range of applications and platforms like and Client Mobile Apps. We're looking for highly motivated, passionate and inquisitive product-aware engineers, who work well in a collaborative, iterative, and fast-paced environment to help us on our mission to deliver the best omni channel (web, mobile, iOS) experience to our customers.

The Purpose of Your Role
Our teams build and contribute to Client's digital presence. As part of our autonomous, cross functional teams you'll work on building end to end web customer experience from concept to deployment, and contribute to improving our products and the underlying platforms, needed to support our digital presence. You will also be enabling your Agile team in adopting Test Automation Pyramid and best test practices to ensure we are building the right customer experience, and we are building it right.

The Expertise We're Looking For
You are obsessed with creating the best end-to-end customer experience, and you own the outcome by taking personal accountability for delivering strong results.

Have a high learning agility, and are able and keenly interested in learning new technologies and languages, and developing new skills.

Are a leader who uses the knowledge of testing and testability to influence better software design, promotes proper software engineering and bug prevention strategies, testability and security, testable and maintainable software.

Have a mindset of test first development and a deep expertise in creating unit and environment-agnostic integration tests, as well as experienced in modern test and mock frameworks and service virtualization tools. We believe in testing and that quality is everyone's job.

Have a passion for technology and can navigate your way across complex and rapidly-changing landscapes by staying on top of latest trends and thrive by sharing knowledge.

Are a creator, a doer, and a disruptor who wants to solve real-life problems and meet real customer needs. You'll be helping us build things, taking an idea, and creating rapid prototypes that are shippable and learn from real-life feedback.

Are comfortable to be a self-starter, who actively challenges status-quo, is curious and not afraid to ask "Why” and "What if”? You are self-directed, willing to take initiative, pragmatic and results-oriented.

Are experienced with the tools of the trade including a variety of modern programming languages and frameworks.

Care about cycle time and use CI/CD practices, tools to rapidly deploy changes to customers while minimizing risk using practices like A/B tests, blue-green deployments, and feature toggles. Support you team in designing reliable, portable, accurate and trustworthy tests, and in integrating them into CI/CD pipelines

Stay on top of Algorithms, Data Structures and Design Patterns and love the challenge of building highly scalable systems that can support thousands of transactions/sec.

Are data-driven and can measure, collect and use data to make decisions. We understand the value of intuition and the need to balance decisions accordingly.

Have strong communication skills and technical expertise to drive and participate in meaningful discussions.

The Skills You Bring
  • Strong knowledge of HTTP based APIs, Networking and how the internet works.
  • Strong JavaScript, Typescript, CSS, HTML & Browser Developer tools.
  • Understand Async code (Promises, Callbacks, Event Loops)
  • JS Tooling (ESLint, Webpack , Grunt, Gulp)
  • JS MV* frameworks (Angular, React)
  • Proficient with using Test Doubles and Virtual Assets, and creating environment-agnostic Integration tests
  • Comfortable with Visual Design & Rapid Prototyping
  • Proficient at one IDE of choice (VS Code, WebStorm)
  • Node.js frameworks NPM, Express
  • Automation Tools/Frameworks (Mocha, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor)
  • Advanced Git skills
  • API Design & Development, MicroServices Architecture.
  • DevOps, Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery

How Your Work Impacts the Organization
We believe that diversity in background and experience will foster an inclusive and engaging work environment for our employees. This ultimately enables us to deliver a better product for our customers.
Being technically competent is only telling half the story. We believe that delivering the best possible customer experience requires an artful blend of human ingenuity and technology. While we value smart technologists, we are fanatics about our culture that promotes autonomy and leadership at all levels. People who are great cultural fits demonstrate curiosity to learn, are unafraid to break things, step up and take the lead, take ownership of their projects, and thrive by sharing knowledge.

Our culture code is simple
  • We share knowledge to empower and connect everyone
  • We live outside our comfort zone.
  • We believe life is too short to not love what you do
  • We know amazing people create great opportunities
  • We are customers.
  • We favor autonomy and take ownership