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PMO Analyst
Ref No.: 18-12847
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Princeton Information is seeking a PMO analyst for a major client @ Honolulu, HI.

Job Description is as below:

Our client is looking for a PMO analyst with strong/advanced Excel skills to help create budget tracking tools, update the tools with budget information, reconcile any discrepancies and ensure the integrity of the spreadsheets.
They would also support creating budget reports and monitor our procurement process as it relates to budget information to ensure it is properly set-up.
They will also help support project resource planning process which utilizes excel spreadsheets to consolidate data and display both in an excel spreadsheet format as well as pivot tables. Other support functions will be required. Below is a detailed list of items.

1.(Main Project) Program – Phase 3 Budget Planning

Under the direction of the Sr. PM faciitate the creation of Program budget by engaging the Project Managers, ITS Managers and business as appropriate.
Create or revise templates/tools as needed to capture the budget across multiple years with breakout by category, capx/opx, etc. Include method to capture the assumptions. Utilize forward thinking as to how the planner will be used to feed the future tracker for reconciliation and reporting.
Communicate templates, process and due dates to assigned individuals
Serve as the "go to” person for any questions specific to the use of the template
Create SharePoint file structure to support archiving of iterations of budget submissions and final for ease of retrieval and history review
Maintain the final version of the budget
Consolidate all work sheets into the master budget planner and validate the formulas are accurately calculating, and ensuring completeness of content, etc.
Create checklist of any question which need to be addressed in order to finalize the final outcomes (e.g. capx/opex split, etc.)
Schedule and facilitate as needed (or assist with the driving) reviews of the budget with the assigned Leads and ITS management and Business Sponsors and make appropriate changes while maintaining a revision history. This may be done through multiple iterations with multiple audiences.

Work with the PMO AVP and Sr. Project Manager to finalize the Program General worksheet before final publishing to move staff aug resources, travel and general training to the tab.
Publish the final numbers to be used for the Program approval and CBA.
Collaborate with the PMO Coordinator to ensure the resource plan and the budget are aligned for staff augmentation resources.
Facilitate the idententification of internal orders to be established to support budget contracting and coordinate for the set-up. Communicate internal order numbers by work stream (or as applicable) to the Project Managers and Resource Managers to ensure timesheets are updated properly.
Collaborate with PMO Coordinator on any time tracking changes which need to be made to support budget tracking and resource planning.
Budget Reconciliation, Analysis and Reporting
Transition the budget analysis, reconciliation and reporting function from the PMO Coordinator.1.Serve as the day-to-day budget expert at the working level.
Maintain the budget tracker template to expand across multiple years, adjust for ETC on an annual and program level basis and ensure the integrity of budget reporting, etc.
Perform the weekly reconciliation between the Program tracker used for reforecasting and reporting. Record actuals, update accruals, etc. as per process as outlined by the PMO Coordinator.
Ensure the invoices and SOW and other peripheral worksheets are maintained to support the budget process.
Identify any anomoly's/issues with the reconciliation process and log tickets/emails to the appropriate departments. Track the outstanding items through resolution (e.g. incorrect posting in capx/opx, postings to wrong internal order, etc.)
Serve as the liaison to Finance to establish approvers for the various invoice approvals. Collaborate on set-up of specific invoice needs to alin with internal orders. May serve as the first level approval to validate hours against timesheet, correct internal order, travel in alignment with SOW, etc. and/or liaison with appropriate PM.
Monitor and request the release of commitments for resources ending contracts early or not depleting their contracts.
Facilitate the end of year accrual activities to cover work completed in current year but invoices in the following year.
Participate in the bi-monthly calls with Procurement and Finance.
Maintain year over year actuals and totals.
Maintain a log of "sunset” amounts not included in budget.
As requested by PMO AVP, create the budget slides for presentation at the Sponsor meeting.
Budget Reforecasting1.Schedule, facilitate and document the monthly reforecast with the Project Managers
Validate the ETC annual numbers do not exceed the annual budget especially for OPEX. Proactively raise concerns for overages to both ETC and ETC Program against the annual and program budget.
Create action items for any outstanding items and follow to completion.
Schedule routine (To be established) reviews of the budget with the ITS Sponsor and ITS Management team)
Ensure the quality of the updates and reporting and understanding of variances.

Annual BudgetIn collaboration with the PMO AVP or Sr. Project Manager, initiate the annual budget process (typically June/July) to re-establish the budget (within the orginal approved program budget) for the upcoming year. 1.Faciliate work sessions with PMs, ITS Managers, etc. to validate assumptions and needs for upcoming year based on progress on the project, contingenices, etc. May leverage the reforecast process.
Validate CAPEX/OPEX assumptions and amounts
Coordinate internal meetings with Sponsors and Accounting VP to align on numbers as appropriate.
Prepare the submission document.
Update the budget tracker to support the upcoming year budget amounts.

Procurement and Contracting 1.Be the central point for all (Main project) SOW submissions for staff aug. Ensure the Resource Managers are confirming budget before submitting the SOW's to the procurement team and ITS Finance teams. Submit the SOW's for all PM's and Resource Managers with inclusion of the correct internal orders and allocations. Ensure invoice approvers are identified and the appropriate workflow is in place for timely processing.
Align SOW with budget tracking tools and reforecasting.
Track and store all completed SOW's for reference and link to the appropriate tracking worksheet.
Participate in discussions specific to contracting especially for the large SI contracts. May be asked to manage the timelines and logistics for the completion of the contracting between departments
Tracking and oversight of vendor deliveries in alignment with the SOW timelines and quality measures.

Organization and Maintenance of Budget Work Folders in Sharepoint1.Archive items as needed
Retain an audit history of changes made to budget.

Resource Planner and Variance Reporting1.Facitate resource plannerupdate activities for the program.1.Send out instructions and templates for Project Manager updates
Consolidate information into a final workbook ensuring names, departments and other fields contain consistent data for reporting and filtering
Update/Createpivot tables to provide easier viewing of resource overages/gaps
Schedule work sessions with the business to inform them of the resource needs

Resource Variance Report 1.Utilizing existing process, extract hours by month from the resource planner and compare the actual hours extracted from the time tracker.
Validate integrity of data and ensure in a usable format
Distribute as needed to communicate outcomes to Project Managers and Business Owners.

Other duties as assigned (to be outlined in future as evolve through learning curve). 1.Other meeting facilitation
Cross Train/back-up for Tee
Lead small work efforts