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Python Developer
Ref No.: 18-12373
Location: New York, New York
Experienced Python Developer
The ideal candidate will be an experienced Python developer of a distributed / multiprocessing application and is comfortable on a headless Linux (command line based) system.

Technologies in-use:
- Python 2.x
- Python Multiprocessing
- Mongo DB
- Elastic Search

Project/Application Description:
The project is to enhance a multi-process python application, which analyzes emails received from the Internet. Analysis and email artifacts are stored in Mongo DB and Elastic Search. The application runs on Debian Linux based systems, which do not have graphical interfaces.
The application is a modular design. The main module is the distribution/broker which spawns worker modules for each of the required analysis tasks.
There are separate worker modules to handle each component of an email such as the headers, body content, embedded links, and attachments. Each of these components will have their own processing and analysis steps. For example attachment file are evaluated and specific analysis are performed based on the type of file.
The project is to enhance the distributed worker architecture of the application even further as well as to optimize individual modules. The new distributed worker architecture will leverage a message queue system to manage worker tasks and centrally store results.