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Full Stack MEAN Developer
Ref No.: 18-12372
Location: New York, New York
Experienced Full Stack Developer

Project Info

Brower based content management system for network and file based indicators such as domains, IPS, file hashes.
Indicators have associated metadata fields used by the CSOC.
Application leverages API calls to collect additional metadata such as VirusTotal rankings, WhoIs info, Bluecoat proxy categorations.
Data stored in Mongo.

Browser based email analysis application.
Allows search and display of email stored in Mongo based on various aspects of an email message.
Displays email "Scores ", allow analysis to add metadata and take actions such as mark malicious or delete message.

Must have experience with each of the following technologies:
MEAN stack (i.e. Mongo DB , Express.js , Angular.js, Node.js)
REDIS, Elastic Search
Bootstrap CSS / HTML UI layout
JSON data format and RESTful APIs
Mac OS Development environment

Candidates will need to manage their own Mac OSX development environment.
Candidate is expected to work with a great deal of autonomy and will be able to design, documentation, develop, and test across the stack.
Objective is to rewrite and combine several administrative and operational tools used within our Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC).
Existing applications are browser based using a combination of technologies including knockout.js, angular.js,, Bootstrap CSS, and Mongo DB.
Data is stored in Mongo DB and Elastic Search.
Candidates should be familiar with Role Based Access Control leveraging LDAP group membership.
Applications are used by ~50 users for which Chrome is the browser of choice.