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Java Middleware Developer
Ref No.: 18-09154
Location: Tampa, Florida

Job specs:
The ISG Account Master Reference Data Group is seeking a Java Web Application senior developer to join our system re-engineering team. Potential Candidates MUST have experience with and are enthusiastic about developing all areas of java based Web Application programming. The responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to: Writing large scale Java based Web Applications.

ALL potential candidates MUST be able to work in a dynamic team environment which includes developers working with different technologies across multiple regions, and be able to integrate their application components with other team members. This is NOT a lead or architect position.

Required Skill:

+ OOP/OOD in Java
* Interfaces, Classes, Polymorphism, Inheritance
* Design Patterns (GoF Patterns)

+ Core Java (Java 5+)
* Standalone Java
* Collections (Lists, Maps, Sets)
* Exception Handling
* String Matching and Manipulation

+ Multi-Threading
* Synchronization
* Thread creation and control
* Executor framework

+ JSP and Servlet development without frameworks.
+ Web Application deployment on WebLogic
+ Struts 1
+ AJAX in at least one framework such as JQUERY, DOJO, GWT, etc (JQUERY preferred).
+ JavaScript
+ Experience with SQL (Oracle preferred)
+ Direct JDBC experience (WITHOUT object persistence frameworks).
+ Document Generation via Java and open source libraries, such as iText (PDF), Apache POI (Word, Excel), etc.
+ Large Document/File Upload handling via Java web apps
* Building and Deployment Packaging via ANT
+ Web Services experience via WebLogic
* SOAP Based
* XML over HTTP (non-soap)
+ EJB 2.0+ and SOAP Web Services (with WebLogic)

Desired skills:

+ Content Management Systems, such as Sharepoint
+ Experience with Spring MVC
+ JMS (with Tibco EMS is a big plus)
+ Cross Cluster API calls
* Example: Soap call over HTTPS between two or more WebLogic Clusters

Nice to have skills:

+ Any Unix/Linux experience (Command Line/Perl/Shell)
+ Experience with Autosys
+ Document/Imaging Databases such as Documentum
+ Image Manipulation in Java
+ Prior industry experience with Reference Data including: Client or Account Document Management, Client/Legal Entity Provisioning, Sub-Account Provisioning, Settlement Instructions Provisioning, CRM.