Cross Platform Developer
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Cross Platform Developer
Ref No.: 18-08920
Location: New York, New York

The Securitized Products Technology Group (SPG) is responsible for all aspects of the company's core applications that help traders manage positions and trades, calculate P&L, assess bond valuations, and calculate risk. This group is responsible a set of credit analysis tools that help identify trading opportunities, and we are building a team of NLP/Client professionals to build a platform of tools to enable trading/sales in revenue generation.The successful candidate will perform groundbreaking work in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning methods, and will tailor them to front-office applications involving credit analysis, trading strategies, pricing models, and more. Projects may involve applying NER and sentiment analysis techniques to analyze corporate financial documents and news articles; or using state-of-the-art parsing methods to extract bond covenant information, and then using a training model to derive bond behavior under stressed scenarios.The ideal candidate for this would possess a combination of research and professional experience in the fields related to Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. The person should be on the forefront of NLP/Client technologies, and be able to translate theory to projects that are deliverable on the commercial scale.

Skills Required:
* MS or PhD in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, or related field
* 5+ years, a combination of professional and/or research experience
* Apply different NLP techniques to areas such as sentiment analysis, classification, data/knowledge extraction, disambiguation
* Expertise in NLP methods such as LSA, LDA, Semantic Hashing, Word2Vec, LSTM, BiDAF
* Client experience with different supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms
* Expertise in one or more programming languages: Java 8, Scala, Python, R, willing to consider others
* Experience working with large, complex and diverse data sets from a variety of sources
* StanfordCoreNLP/GATE experience a plus
* Experience with Spark, or similar frameworks a plus
* Publications on Client/NLP a big plus

Skills Proficiency: Senior