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Strength Coach
Ref No.: 16-00064
Location: Manhatten, Kansas
Start Date: 06/01/2016
Strength Coach
Military Performance Training - A Higher Calling

The Community - Manhatten, KS
Neighboring Junction City Kansas (pop. 18,000) has been named one of the top 200 Towns in America to live for Anglers and Hunters. Situated in the Flint Hills the city is located at the confluence of Smoky Hill River and the Republican River where they join to form the Kansas. Nearby is 15,700 acre Lake Milford, the largest lake in Kansas, with 163 miles of shoreline and an abundance of recreational activities. Located in the scenic Flint Hills, this area will change your notions of the prairie; it's neither flat nor empty. Naturalist, Jan Jantzen said, The Flint Hills are an incredible, wonderful, almost magical place. There is no other place like it. National Geographic did a 22-page feature on the area entitled The Flint Hills: A Kansas Treasure.
Fort Riley
Established in 1852 to protect settlers moving along the Oregon-California and Santa Fe Trail, Fort Riley is best known for Scout Wild Bill Hickok and the famous Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed at the Fort. Today Fort Riley is home to the 1st Infantry Division and is recognized as one of the premier Division-level training installations in the world. The base population numbers nearly 27,000 people.
Requirements (Duties include but are not limited to)
  • Establish and administer effective strength and conditioning protocols to maximize the physical performance of individual TACP. These protocols will ensure tactical conditioning by monitoring and resolving performance trends while addressing individual needs. The contractor shall provide routine fitness reports to the appointed commander or representative and maintain a professional relationship with the operators' medical support staff to resolve problem areas outside their scope.
  • Perform initial evaluation, design individualized training program, and establish records for all TACP, see Table 1, within 90 days of contract start.
  • Coordinate individualized exercise programs within the unit, see Table 1, to ensure a safe and expeditious return to training of individuals recovering from injury.
  • Design and implement physical training programs to ensure proper functional movement fitness routines for each individual TACP to increase energy system development, strength training, and power development.
  • Design and monitor physical training programs for personnel who are on temporary duty (TDY) or deployed.
  • Perform routine (twice a year) performance testing.
  • Provide instruction and guidance to individuals on physical conditioning and injury prevention.
  • Collaborate with registered dietician to provide routine (once a month) nutrition education and evaluation for each individual TACP to increase performance and transform body compositions.
  • Refer all personnel under his/her purview with an apparent new or undiagnosed medical condition (beyond the scope of the contractors ability) to seek medical attention for evaluation and treatment. This needs to be included in the weekly report to the Unit COR.
  • Understand the unit's mission and operator physical requirements.
  • Understand how strength and conditioning impacts mission accomplishment.
  • Understand operator scheduling issues and be familiar with training and deployment cycles.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings with squadron commander to review and evaluate physical training programs and identify opportunity for improvement.
  • Perform administrative duties such as maintaining records of workload.
  • Assist with physical conditioning/rehabilitation supply inventories. Provide input to organization regarding supply needs and optimal equipment.
  • Ensure equipment and facilities are properly organized and utilized, and are inspected and in safe working condition. Report to unit commander any equipment not in safe working order.
  • Perform work on site during normal duty day and support occasional surge operations.
  • Advise the Government on layout of the human performance facility.
  • Assist in developing facility standard operating procedures, guidelines, and exercise protocols including the safe use of strength and conditioning equipment.
  • Collect: Shall execute active collection to include direct observations, interviews, surveys, and focused collection of strength and conditioning for individuals in the unit. The contractor shall then perform the initial analysis of the collected data and provide direct feedback to the Unit COR and A3J TACP Functional Area Manager (FAM) (Primary COR). This requires activities to include, strength and conditioning testing, evaluating, identifying physical performance trends, and providing feedback for physical performance improvement, injury avoidance, and injury recovery.
  • Analyze: Shall analyze collected information and research current professional references in order to facilitate in-depth analyses to determine trends, additional materiel or support requirements, future performance concerns, and other information. Data collection and analyses shall be conducted on an ongoing basis with quarterly reporting to the Unit COR and A3J TACP FAM (Primary COR). Furthermore, analysis and reporting related to the support will be performed during the training cycle and during pre and post deployment training evolutions. Where applicable, the results of these analyses should identify and prioritize physical training and rehabilitation gaps across the unit with recommendations so that the final product will be able to be disseminated to the correct audience for resolution in accordance with the Government's guidance. This includes providing any recommended performance training guidance necessary to enhance the operators' capabilities.
  • Resolve: Shall recommend corrective actions and report findings characterized as issues or deficiencies that negatively impact the unit's performance, readiness, training or procedures to the unit commander in weekly or quarterly report as appropriate. The report will include recommendations on future mitigation techniques and preventative measures for each deficiency.
  • Disseminate: Shall release findings based on approved recommendations in the form of reports, summaries, publications, entries into systems of record. The contractor shall prepare a weekly report to be included in the staff meeting highlighting the status and progress of each operator assigned to the unit; the specific content of can be tailored at the site Contracting Officer's Representatives (COR) request. Additionally, findings will be packaged for incorporation into training, exercises, and operational planning.
  • Archive: Shall perform updates to office suite application software (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.) for trends analysis and historical reference. All work products, whether electronic, hard copy, or notes, including any information, reports, and products, are the property of the Government. All equipment that is Government furnished will be accounted for using Government procedures.
  • Education: The contractor shall possess a Master's degree in an accredited exercise physiology, exercise science, or health science-related discipline.
  • Experience: Demonstrated sustained experience working with elite athlete populations, with a minimum of five years aggregate experience. Creditable specialized experience includes: coordination of Special Operation Personnel (SOP) specific performance programs, or work with other elite athletes (i.e. Division I collegiate, Olympic, professional level athletes or SOP-specific tactical professionals).
  • Certifications (must possess and maintain):
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
    • USAW Sports Performance Coach (SPC) Level 1
    • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1
    • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), to include Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training
  • Must be physically proficient to demonstrate all prescribed exercises and techniques.
  • Must be able to participate in specific operator training activities to better understand SOP performance and injuries.
  • Must be able to hike over rough terrain, function in austere environments, and able to lift and manipulate loads and plates up to 25 kilograms.
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