MSW - Social Worker Acute
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MSW - Social Worker Acute
Ref No.: 17-02784
Location: Oakland, California
Start Date / End Date: 04/10/2017 to 05/31/2017
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Master Social worker with Hospital Experience
Start Date April 24th
2 Social Worker Openings
Location: Oakland.

Social Worker - Travel or Local

The Social Worker is responsible for assuring that the individual plan of care for the persons served is carefully planned and coordinated together with the Rehabilitation Team and the active involvement of the patient and/or family/caregiver. Patient and family goals, preferences and unique needs shall be incorporated into the individually tailored plan of care. Functions as a member of the Rehabilitation Team to provide psychosocial assessments, resources for the disabled person and discharge planning to patients and their families. Persons served range from early adulthood to late adulthood.


Master's Degree in Social Services.

Two to three years experience. Preferably this experience includes work with rehabilitation patients and families. Has knowledge and understanding of the rehabilitation health care services delivery system and the multiple resources for the disabled person within the organization and within the community.

License or Certification:
Current BLS for Healthcare Provider (CPR & AED). Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) preferred, but not required.

Potential Hazards:
Physical strain while working with patients; use of hot water; potential exposure to infectious diseases.

Safety Precautions:
Use of proper personal body mechanics; uses of appropriate assertive personnel and devices; compliance with infection control standards.

Essential Functions:
1. Performs Social Work Psychosocial Assessment. Chooses and employs assessment tools and procedures to determine functional capabilities and delineate strengths of individual patients.
2. Identifies the potential discharge plan and resources together with the patient and/or family/caregiver.
3. Develops and implements an individualized plan/recommendations based on the patient's diagnosis, test/evaluation results, behavioral observations, social work responses, discharge plan and functional implications of current illness.
4. Prioritizes individualized plan by considering evaluation results, medical status, patient needs, potential outcomes, prior level of function, and probable discharge plan for patient's diagnoses.
5. Re-evaluates, revises and progresses the individualized plan on an ongoing basis by monitoring patient's progress, patient/family involvement and discharge plans. Discusses these changes with the patient, family, and staff.
6. Makes appropriate recommendations regarding continuity of treatment and psychosocial resources available in the community.
7. Confers with and utilizes information from other disciplines for through evaluation and development of individualized plan.
8. Orients the patient and family to the unit and to the rehabilitation process.
9. Obtains patient and family input regarding goals, preferences, and unique needs. Involves patient and family in developing and progressing toward the individualized plan, goals, and discharge plan.
10. Responsible for implementing the individualized care plan and goals for cases assigned.
11. Schedules a family conference during the patient's stay in preparation for discharge.
12. Encourages the patient and family's participation during the ongoing discussions of progress and any needed changes in the plan. Reviews team conference reports with patients and families on a regular basis.
13. Identifies relevant family dynamics to facilitate timely and consistent communication to all appropriate family members.
14. Assists in the psychosocial counseling regarding disability adjustment and support with patients and families during sessions relating to other functions of this position.
15. Organizes and schedules the family training/education sessions with patient/family, therapy and nursing before discharge.
16. Identifies final discharge planning arrangements, including referral to internal or external agencies for follow-up and appropriate supportive services needed after discharge.
17. Maintains and updates a listing of all-applicable community agencies that might provide follow up and supportive services to persons discharged from the inpatient rehabilitation program.
18. Participates in individual patient care team conferences in order to coordinate the patient's plan of care. Makes verbal reports regarding patients.
19. Educates patient, family/caregiver, and other disciplines regarding role of therapy and rationale for intervention.
20. Appropriately monitors physiological and psychological response to treatment.
21. Informs staff and family members of patient's limitations and safety precautions.
22. Responsible for timely documentation that includes initial assessment, weekly summaries, resource information, progress notes, discharge summaries, and some insurance reports that meet the standards of the program, outside regulatory and insurance agencies.
23. Organizes schedule to reflect patient care priorities. Rearranges schedule as necessary. Coordinates with others. Arranges for patient care to be assigned during absence.
24. Organizes time to successfully accommodate documentation, meetings, caseload, etc. Uses non-patient care time for the benefit of the program.
25. Informs Program Coordinator in a timely manner about significant developments in the following areas: unusual patient or physician problems, incidents of injury of patient or self, discharge issues, etc.
26. Has working knowledge of job duties and program policies and procedures. Incorporates policies and procedures into daily routine.
27. Incorporates HIPPA Regulations, Safety, Infection Control, and Emergency Procedures into treatment.
28. Attends discipline, program, and other meetings as requested.
29. Carries patient load that reflects productivity standard.
30. Performs other duties as requested.

Teaching Functions and Duties:
1. Participates in orienting, teaching, guiding and evaluating the performance of supportive personnel.
2. Assists in orientation of new social workers in conjunction with supervisor.
3. Provides input and identifies the need for inservice education to hospital.
4. Provides lectures to hospital personnel, i.e., inservices, teaching, and training.
5. Together with supervisor oversees and coordinate Student Internship Program, including responsibility for updating, revising, directing, reviewing contracts annually, and evaluating Student Internship Program.
6. Participates in Peer Review.

1. Identifies own learning needs and works together with supervisor to develop a plan for enhancing skills.
2. Attends hospital program, and discipline specific inservices.
3. Attends continuing education annually.


Establishes a beneficial, positive and effective relationship with patients, family members, caregivers, physicians, co-workers, supervisors and the public.

Adheres to customer service standards.

Commitment to Program Goals
Demonstrates an interest in improving and developing the program to ensure the standard of quality patient care is achieved.

Works as a team member to assist the program as functioning as a cohesive unit.

Demonstrates flexibility and a positive attitude in adapting to change in the workplace.

Willing to adjust work schedule to accommodate the needs of the program. Works in other programs as needed.

Demonstrates reliable pattern of attendance to maintain continuity in patient care and program operations.

Presents professional image in accordance to hospital standards in attire, personal hygiene and designated work area.