Project Manager - Digital Marketing
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Project Manager - Digital Marketing
Ref No.: 18-00326
Location: Palo Alto, California
Start Date: 01/10/2018
Contract Need
Digital Marketing - Project Manager

We need someone with
Digital Marketing Knowledge
Who knows Adobe Audience Manager
Salesforce Marketing cloud.
Will be good if knows Salesforce DMP/Krux
Preferably for B2B digital
Minimum of 5 years of experience in  Project Manager working in Digital Marketing tools. 
A Marketing Project Manager is a Project Manager who specializes in planning, managing and executing projects related to marketing campaigns. They are responsible for turning the strategist's vision into reality. Marketing Project Managers identify all the tasks that need to be completed within a marketing campaign, and then strategically delegates those tasks to the appropriate team members.

General Job Description
Marketing Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities
The following duties and responsibilities were the most common amongst the dozens of Marketing Project Manager job descriptions we analyzed during our research.
Work With Marketing Director to Create Marketing Strategy
While the Marketing or Media Director comes up with the strategic vision of a campaign, it is the Marketing Project Manager's responsibility to map out the tasks required to implement that vision.
Create and Manage Content Calendar
In today's digital age, virtually every marketing campaign involves a regular content strategy. This could be in the form of blog posts, or content could be marketing material or social media posts. Marketing Project Managers are responsible for creating and managing a content calendar to ensure this content gets completed in a timely manner.
Collaborate with Writers and Designers to Produce Content
This duty varies slightly depending on one's place of employment. Large companies typically have in-house writers and designers, so Marketing Project Managers are responsible for collaborating with these departments throughout the content creation process. For companies who don't have these employees in-house, the Marketing Project Manager is responsible for sourcing these freelance vendors.
Create Project Budgets and Timelines
Marketing Project Managers must be financially inclined, as they are responsible for creating the budget of a marketing campaign. They're also responsible for creating the project timeline, and then ensuring everyone keeps to this timeline.
Develop and Maintain External Vendor Relationships
Regardless of company size, there are often external vendors involved at some stage of a marketing campaign. It is the responsibility of the Marketing Project Manager to develop and maintain these relationships.

The following list of skills are the ones Marketing Project Managers use the most.
Organizational Skills: Marketing Project Managers call upon their organizational skills when creating the projects and associated tasks necessary to implement the campaign strategy. They also use their organizational skills when crafting Project budgets.
Prioritization Skills: Marketing Project Managers don't just organize the tasks related to a campaign. They decide which tasks are most important based on the size, scope and timeliness of each task. This requires good prioritization skills to arrange tasks in the most efficient manner.
Decision Making Skills: Organizing and prioritizing all of the tasks related to a campaign requires the ability to make quick decisions. Marketing Project Managers also call upon their decision making skills when figuring out which employee is best suited for which task.
Analytical Skills: Marketing Project Managers call upon their analytical skills when creating the content calendar for a marketing campaign. They research relevant keywords and trending topics for the client's industry, and then use said research to generate content concepts.
Project Management Skills: This may seem obvious, but Marketing Project Managers must have project management skills. This means understanding theories of project management, as well as understanding how to put those theories into action. This skill set is used in virtually everything Marketing Project Managers do.