Home Health Occupational Therapist - Full time/Per Diem
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Home Health Occupational Therapist - Full time/Per Diem
Ref No.: 17-03765
Location: San Leandro, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 08/17/2017 to 01/31/2019

Occupational Therapist FOR HOME HEALTH VISITS
Availability - ASAP
**Location: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma, San Joaquin County - California
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Job Description
We are currently looking for a Occupational Therapist - OTR to improve the lives of the people we serve through compassion and innovation in healthcare.
Duties of Occupational Therapist - OTR for HOME HEALTH:
Occupational therapy can perform admission visits. Occupational therapists can conduct the initial assessment visit and the start of care comprehensive assessment on therapy-only patients for whom occupational therapy "establishes eligibility"
Occupational therapy qualifies a Medicare patient for continued home health eligibility. A continued need for occupational therapy can extend eligibility under Medicare because the need for occupational therapy alone qualifies Medicare patients for continuation of the home health benefit and thus for any dependent aide and medical social work services the patient needs 
Occupational therapy can collect OASIS data at any time point subsequent to the start of care. OASIS accuracy ensures that payment is appropriate and outcomes are accurate, benefiting the agency and the patient. Occupational therapy practitioners can contribute to this process. Once competency is established, occupational therapists are well prepared to perform assessments collecting OASIS data at resumption of care, other follow up, recertification, and discharge time points
Occupational therapy can assist in aide supervision and in training of aides to maximize effectiveness and promote patient recovery. An occupational therapist may supervise the home health aide when nursing services are not on the plan of care, but occupational therapy is on the plan.
Occupational therapy contributes to stronger outcomes—for your patients and your agency.
Patients and their families are concerned about your patients' abilities to take care of themselves and to manage at home safely. Some patients have the potential to regain skills affected by their conditions. Other patients need strategies to prevent further loss of abilities. Regardless of specific diagnosis or condition, occupational therapy practitioners offer strategies for your patients to manage daily activities while reducing the risk of injury or further decline 
You are also concerned about your patients' ability to manage their conditions. Management of chronic conditions is in large part management of daily activities. Occupational therapy brings expertise to help patients translate "doctor's orders" to manageable daily habits and routines 
Occupational therapy can strengthen outcomes related to:
  • Medication management: Occupational therapy addresses strategies to enhance medication adherence and integrate medication management into patients' daily routines (Sanders & Van Oss, 2013, Touchard & Berthelot, 1999).
  • Daily management of conditions such as:
    • Diabetes: Occupational therapy addresses the many aspects of diabetes management that must become daily routines: blood sugar monitoring, hygiene and foot care, meal planning and preparation, healthy coping strategies, and physical activity. Occupational therapy practitioners can also train patients with diabetes to use compensatory strategies for vision, sensory, or motor loss that may interfere with their daily activities (Sokol-McKay, 2011).
    • Heart failure: Occupational therapy addresses strategies to conserve energy and reduce the demands of activities, while integrating appropriate physical activity and self-monitoring. Occupational therapy practitioners can assist patients to master new activities—daily weights, modified diets—and incorporate these activities into regular routines (Branick, 2003; Norberg, Boman, & Lofgren, 2010).
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Occupational therapy addresses strategies to conserve energy, reduce the demands of activities, and self-monitor to avoid exacerbations. Occupational therapy practitioners can assist patients to incorporate pacing, planning, and stress management into daily activities (Branick, 2003).
    • Cognitive and behavioral health conditions: Occupational therapy addresses daily routines, medication adherence, self-management, and stress management strategies. With a core knowledge base in psychosocial issues, occupational therapists can also address behavioral health conditions and train caregivers to provide appropriate cues and support to patients with cognitive limitations to optimize performance and reduce agitation or confusion.
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