Project Cost Controller IV
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Project Cost Controller IV
Ref No.: 17-02182
Location: Olive Township, Michigan
Job Title: Project Cost Controller IV
Location: Olive Township, MI.
Term: Contract/Project
Type: W2

Ref. ID: 6912467

A Project Cost Controller’s main duty is to track and control the costs associated with one or more of their employer's projects. On a day-to-day basis, they are responsible for tasks such as maintaining, tracking, and updating monthly cost forecasts; reporting and providing feedback on project status; working with project teams and accountants in an effort to meet annual budgets; providing monthly earned value updates to the accounting department in support of the monthly accrual process; and verifying invoices issued by suppliers. They sometimes works as part of a larger team and sometimes operate alone.

Project Cost Controllers should have a strong understanding of the project life cycle and the use of earned value management to determine project status. A high level of organizational skills are required in order to provide clear and transparent project information. Project Cost Controllers should have a firm understanding of the use of Microsoft products, namely Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Communications skills, verbal and written, are also key for this position, as Project Cost Controllers must communicate effectively with upper management, project team members, and subordinates.

Project Cost Controllers generally have some level of financial education, as well as degrees and/or experience in the industry most relevant to their company. For example, for a company which regularly completes large-scale construction projects, the Project Cost Controller may hold a bachelor's degree or higher in engineering or construction management; however, they might instead have a bachelor's degree or higher in business or accounting and experience working on similar large-scale construction projects. Employers may also require certain software verifications, or at least demonstrated proficiencies; the most common are Microsoft products and SAP software solutions. Although not required, Project Cost Controllers with certifications from AACE or PMI are preferable.