Mechanical Designer 2 PROCESS SIMULATOR
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Mechanical Designer 2 PROCESS SIMULATOR
Ref No.: 17-03078
Location: Southfield, Michigan
  • Mechanical Designer for Body Assembly with Process Simulator / RobCAD cad skils, with knowledge of FCA (Chrysler) and or GM (BOE and MD1) North American standards and specifications. Good understanding of BA GEO and Fixture Tools for Framing, Bodyside Systems and Sub Assembly.   
  • Knowledge of auto assembly strategies (i.e. part flow within an assembly plant / body Shop), vendor coordination (importing Weldguns, End of Arm Tooling, etc.), work in model space and paper space, basic understanding of how a GEO and Respot Systems function. Completion of a formal simulation / drafting program and 4 to 5+ years of simulation experience, or equivalent.
    Obtained from specifications, sketches, customer layout drawings and instructions furnished by others and convert the information into detailed RobCAD / Simulation Cells .   
  • Coordinating with others to determine whether each robot and or cells can be executed efficiently and within BA Customer Standards.   
  • Exposure to GEO Stations, Resport lines, Nest / Hand off Tables, End Effectors // End of Tooling, Conveyor systems,
Required Skills:
  • Importing CAD data from Catia, Fides and UG with correct procedure(for example, data reduction)
  • Importing Layouts. 
  • Adding Kinematics to a Device/ tool/gun with correct speed and other setting. 
  • Gather and implement correct process info to sim cell. 
  • Project weld/bead and set correct weld time/wait time. 
  • Programming Robot paths with customer required spec/attributes. 
  • Upload is required if it is kitted job. 
  • Collision free cell is basic requirement. 
  • RCS needs to connected for every robots. 
  • Sim cell equipment position needs to be exported to layout and layout info needs to verified.
  • Running Swept Volumes for Robot per Customer requirement.