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Payroll Clerk III
Ref No.: 18-20290
Location: Chicago, Illinois
ATTENTION: THIS IS A Payroll Specialist

30 min Google hangouts but could possibly go longer is the interview goes well. May make the decision from the GHO or may want to bring onsite.

Will only work 24-30 hours per week - M-W onsite; Thru & Fri remote

Experience: 8+ years Payroll Operations Support, Payroll Tax Support, Payroll Accounting
Minimum requirement:

Math and/or accounting
Statistical analysis on Multiples states
Tax Knowledge
EV5 / Workday

Desired: CPP, enterprise ADP

The Biggest item is definitely researching the required localities for the states and assisting in the Quarterly Reconciliations
.Auditing and communicating with employees from Various states and set up the required MCMT and City taxes, though the existing tax codes that are already set up in Enterprise ADP

* State Tax Audit for Locality: Auditing all active associates; home address and work location in states with local taxation required. i.e. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Delaware, New Jersey, New York (completed), Michigan, Oregon, etc.
Will be required to reach out to each individual employee to confirm current home address and
work location is correct
Request a Local Tax form to be completed by the employee if required
Research in state municipality site and confirm locality provided by the employee
Look up each locality in the ADP Tax site and identify the ADP local tax code & name
Using the ADP local tax code, look up the ADP local tax code in ADP Compliance to confirm if
MSI has jurisdiction in that locality.
If no jurisdiction is set up, need to reach out to the locality and set up jurisdiction for MSI
and retain ID number.
Submit request in ADP Compliance to set up local taxes for each pay group with the local ID
Set up the local tax code in Enterprise for each pay group

* Ohio School Districts Locality: MSI jurisdictions set up for School Districts. Ohio School Districts are required for lived in for employees. We currently have only one employee set up with Ohio School District that was set up recently.

* Pennsylvania-Local Services Tax Set Up: MSI has not been set up with Local Services Tax for any locality in Pennsylvania, it's a requirement for Worked In. Had turned on the feature in Enterprise to have the local code set up available per Sean's instructions, however the feature did not turn on in Enterprise. Need to research and set up LST taxes

* Q1 2018 Payroll Summary Report vs 941 Reconciliation: Complete report for Q1 2018 to audit data entry and add SUI amounts per state
Confirm Adding three Off Cycle Payrolls to spreadsheet, recent one processed on May 9th.
Identify $33k Refund expected from the IRS per 941, not identified on the SOD Summary.

* Q2 2018 Payroll Summary/Statistical Summary Reconciliation: Start the Q2 2018 spreadsheet and enter totals per payroll for April and May 2018

* Auditing Visa Employees: Need to audit all current/active visa employees that are required to be FICA exempt.
Use Workday Report to identify F1 visa employees
Run Insights report for each visa employee to review all paychecks and tax deductions to check
for 2018 YTD history to confirm $0 FICA taxes
Identify Q1 2018 Amendments required to process
Identify Q2 2018 FICA taxes corrections and going forward check each payroll for visa tax block

* Auditing Expat/Inpat employees at MSI
Use Workday Report to identify expat and Inpat employees
Review all inpat employees to verify tax set up for Certificate of Coverage between certain
countries and US (i.e. Switzerland, UK etc)