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Ref No.: 21-00030
Location: Phoenix

Job Description

Responsible for all mechanical and electrical maintenance for the plant as required.

· Understands and follows all safety rules and regulations.

· Thoroughly understands Lockout/Tagout and how to stop all energy sources.

· Installs and connects power supply conduit and wiring to machines and equipment, connects cables and wires between power supplies, machines and equipment.

· Performs routine diagnosis, repairs, trouble shoots and preventive maintenance to assure that all electrical, electronic, mechanical, plant circuitry, hydraulic, pneumatic and water systems, which includes but not limited to air compressors, motor control centers, fuse boxes, switches, conveyors, pumps air handler, gas valves, lighting fixtures, steam boiler, transformers, and electrical motors are in proper working order.

· Tests malfunctioning machinery and discusses malfunctions with other maintenance workers and production workers to diagnose problems. Gain detailed knowledge of production equipment components to diagnose causes of electrical or mechanical malfunctions, failures, and provide corrective action.

· Performs all aspects of mechanical troubleshooting and repair.

· Keeps accurate and complete records of all maintenance performed.

· Performs maintenance procedures as recommended by the machine manufacturer.

· Recommends machinery and/or parts to be purchased.

· Responsible for completing work orders as assigned.

· Learn a complex series of machine settings that have interrelated outcomes as they are being changed.

· Work in a team environment and able to lead maintenance crew.

· Adapt to a changing work place schedule that requires a 24 hour and 7-day operating schedule.

· Performs similar duties as required.

· Ensures work area is clean and organized.

· Adheres to all Company rules and regulations outlined in the Employee Handbook and elsewhere.
Responsible for not leaving job/plant premises when known problem exists without ensuring corrective action is in place.