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IOS & Android (with Xamarin) developer
Ref No.: 17-00009
Location: Fremont, California
Experience Level: 5 Years
Start Date: 10/27/2017

Job Title: IOS & Android (with Xamarin) developer
Duration: 9 TO 12 Months
Location: FREMONT, CA
Client : HCL - Tesla Motors

  • 3 + years of Experience with writing mobile applications for iOS and Android in C# using Xamarin is required.
  • Ability to understand the business requirement to design and build mobile apps
  • Test driven development, Writing Unit tests and perform integration testing for mobile Apps
  • Deploy mobile app for business users and customers
  • Comprehensive understanding of data structures and algorithm topics, MVVM frameworks/patterns
  • Experience with concurrency topics (i.e., asynchronous programming) and multithreaded programming
  • Knowledge of UI/UX design principles and data visualization to create a polished, intuitive user experience
  • Experience with Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Mobile to access hardware features such as camera, barcode scan
  • Experience in all parts of the iOS devices ecosystem including application development (application structure, UI paradigms, debugging, performance, security, deployment, updating, and roll-out)
  • Experience with back-end architecture and implementation (web services, databases, security), on platforms and technologies such as Azure is a plus
  • Experience in other mobile platforms, including native iOS and Android
  • JavaScript programming skills:
  • Mobile store life cycle knowledge including store policies, publishing, provisioning, app store and deployments.
  • Experience building graphically intensive UIs, managing multiple view hierarchies, optimizing UI transitions and performance on mobile devices