Ref No.: 18-00609
Location: Rochelle Park, New Jersey
Start Date: 06/05/2018
Trading Systems development roles

We are seeking someone who can provide:
- Clean code and delivery on the Application Framework Design
- Working within distributed team
- Willing to dive into trading business
- Problem-solving pro-active position
- Good communication skills (spoken and written)
- Good teamwork interactions

· Responsibilities:
- Ensure interaction models line up with project deliverables and user expectations
- Hands on delivery of Deal Entry Screens for complex deal-types
- Communicating with BA/QA teams to provide the right solutions
- Writing easy-to-read and support clean code, covered with unit-tests and JsDocs

· Skills:
∙ Intimate understanding of the JavaScript ES6, HTML, CSS, the DOM event model and OOP patterns
∙ Deep knowledge of AngularJs 1.x API and its best development practices
∙ Web app integration skills
- Comfortable in adapting custom GUI 3rd party into proper Angular directives
- Can rapidly comprehend source code from project or any 3rd party plugin, and apply necessary amendments at the right level
∙ Strong JavaScript and Java knowledge (5+ years of experience; Angular 1.x, Java core, Rest, WebServices)
∙ Solid development experience with heavy web apps with a focus on AngularJs 1.x
∙ Proven delivery of sophisticated web-based interaction models
∙ Ability to deliver high quality software with tight deadlines and geographically dispersed team
∙ Experience with build and test automation
∙ Experience with node.js for Front-end development (gradle build scripts)
∙ Experience with git in a large collaborative team environment
∙ Public repos on GitHub is a plus
∙ Experience with npm to manage a frontend packaging ecosystem
∙ Experience with browserify is a plus
∙ Familiar with Windows and Linux development environment
∙ Good spoken and written English
∙ Good communication skills
∙ Experience with Protocols (HTTP, HTTP/2, REST)
- Experience with RxJS is a plus
- Knowledge of financial domain is a big plus.