Previous Job
Infrastructure Analyst
Ref No.: 18-00511
Location: Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
Start Date: 05/16/2018
  1. Complete SOP work including support work around it including
    1. Training and deployment materials – Resource to work with QA-IT (Client person) to define training materials for Data Centers and all 28 MMD sites
    2. Resource (Client ) Analyze what GTO calls their "golden Build” (which would not be a regulatory term to site testing and Qualifications, and redefine under regulatory requirements with. Mason to work with site and regional leads to ensure acceptance of test evidence and local QA-IT and other SOP's will be aligned. Site and Regional Deployment – Client person
    3. resource to work with QA-IT to develop Final testing protocol, Plans and summaries around common physical components for ERMD, Lab Modernization, new Projects/ Products Support and deployment of assets. Eliminate Site "double work” of site re-testing of components via GTO level testing and approvable / acceptable documents at GTO "ship” time to sites.
  2. Retrospective Qualification work (mostly above –site)
    1. Based on QA-IT requirements, Resource to author due diligence data and then documentation for Retrospective Qualification
  3. Site based server rooms and Switch Rooms
    1. Based on QA-IT Requirements and Guidance, Resource to develop Due Diligence study for all MMD sites. ERMD scope does NOT include site Server / Switch room studies to understand level redundancy, N+1 utilities (CRAC, UPS, etc), Fire alarming, Suppression , Electric Power dual pathways, future capacity constraints, etc. Quality & Compliance focus, NOT design requirements.
  4. New IT Infrastructure tools (and existing un-qualified tools)
    1. Based on QA-IT (Audit function, Labs and Infrastructure) and Customer Inputs, work to develop Qualification Plans, Test Protocols and Summary reports to Qualify (or retrospectively qualify) IT Infrastructure tools for use.