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Studio Engineer lead
Ref No.: 18-03919
Location: Santa Monica, California
Position Type:Direct Placement
Start Date: 04/17/2018
Company: VR Live (+2 other companies, 1 based in LA related to top tier entertainment and content and other is Israel building a VR pro-type). They are a joint venture bringing together tech and entertainment world.

  • Capturing holograms with multi-depth cameras
  • State of the art camera in the world, company he comes from 

What do they do? Volumetric Motion Capture


  • Needs tech team to operate this venture in Los Angeles, since only about 3 people right now
  • People who have experience in either VR or entertainment would be necessary as they will be building this
  • Microsoft, mixed reality of Microsoft
  • Visual effects companies with motion capture or VFX companies would fit the profile
  • Needs 2-3 studio engineers, one of which is a lead to manage them. Leads notes below:
  • Leading the production studio, deployment, setting, calibration of cameras, defining computers involved
  • There are 60-100 computers together, all Microsoft
  • They will be handling the software, optics, hardware integration so they need the right skills
  • Scripts/programming experience is an advantage (open to what kind, person will need to use and handle network with 60-100 computers and deploy software to all those computers) 
  • Motion picture or VFX is advantage 
  • 5-10 years of experience for the lead, 2-3 for techs
  • System they are operating is still under development, so it will not be 100% running smoothly in the beginning so they will need to be able to make it work regardless of what problems arise 
  • Self-reliance attitude, hacker in spirits attitude
  • Maybe even short circuit some boards or change networking/config to play around with it until it works (not afraid of tech and being hands on with all levels of technology to make sure it can work)
  • Education: Someone with computer engineering or electrical engineering 
  • Has been developing this tech in Israel (R&D, still prototype)
  • In June, tech will be assembled and in LA
  • Wants the lead and at least one junior person to be recruited by then so they are doing the phases of building out the system and trying it out for the first time

Process: PS, TS, F2F 
  • PS w/ Addie, TS equivalent of the person doing this job in Israel, F2F w/ PS 
  • Once identified, person who gets the job will fly to Israel for 2 weeks to get mentorship, if possible 
  • All communication via whatsapp or iMessage (972-54-7778433)
  • Touch point twice a week, but very responsive via message since he is in a different country

What is the sell? 
  • Best sell is the tech company merging with VFX and entertainment world
  • DNA spun off entertainment and tech companies
  • Extremely rapidly growing company, more understanding from Craig (CEO) who will be able to dive into that, but person coming in will lead this entire initiative on a technology that is super hot


Lead RING studio engineer 
Technological and productions owner of the studio. Tech team leader.
In charge of deployment, setup, maintenance, calibration of cameras and computers and run ring operations.
• Multidisciplinary integration skills (HW, SW and Optics) 
• Scripts Programming experience- Advantage
• experience in the motion picture industry/VFX – Advantage
• 5+ years of experience – Mandatory. 10+ year – Advantage
• a "Hacker” in spirit - Radical self (tech) reliance
• B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering or similar.