Ref No.: 18-01164
Location: San Francisco, California
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 2 Years
Start Date / End Date: 02/01/2018 to 12/31/2018
  • 50% designer/gif, 50% social (expanding on below)
  • Will be working under Mark/Chris until Design Director is hired, then will be reporting into Design Director
  • Strong communication skills - be able to attend pitch meetings and talk about their ideas
  • Team is very collaborate, and they want the individuals to create the ideas and then filter through Mark/Chris for final approval
  • Will work with team to develop and present ideas in meetings
  • Can't just be a head-down graphics person
  • Experience with social media campaigns is a must
  • Coming from e-comm is a must, and having experience within the beauty world is a huge plus (L'Oreal, Sephora, Murad, etc -- can swap with anything subscription-based with an e-comm platform)
  • Working on landing pages, display ads, email templates - must have that front-end experience

50% design
  • Need experience with motion design
  • Will be making very simple gifs through AfterEffects
  • Examples:
  • Not super detailed, and no live-action
  • Will be part of ideation of gifs, working with a writer and producer, creating the story board, and then going out and and actually creating them
  • Will be working on the social piece, AKA gifs on Instagram and Facebook as noted in the example above
  • Not just creating gifs and leaving them, so they must be able to have experience with conversion (below)

50% ad/social
  • Path to conversion - converting ads to sales
  • Will have various ad units for campaigns under a theme, will have multiple assets to work with, then work on click-ads
  • Creating the gifs and then making sure the user can click through them, get taken to the correct place, and then ideally purchases or clicks into the ads
  • E-comm within social
  • Catch the user and make them feel like they are in the right place after they click
  • Landing pages, email templates, display ads
  • Proactiv already has a well-set style guide, so they are not coming up with ideas out of nothing - they must work within the style guide and explore within the box)
  • No analytics, have a separate team for this
  • Buzz word: FB canvas ad, Carousel, news feed assets

  • Beauty industry, targeted at mostly women
  • Both Mark and Chris are very much into this industry, less into sports etc.. so someone who is coming from "NFL " for example would not be a fit for the role or culturally
  • Cubicles, but always have off-sites and fun events - typically on the quieter side in the office but very close-knit team for sure
  • All get along very well
  • For example, had an off-site at Facebook this week where they got to test our a new ad unit technology and how they can partner together (get to be a part of this)
  • Great comm skills