Previous Job
Data Entry Specialist III / 9-12 months contract
Ref No.: 18-07624
Location: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Job Description Summary:
Detailed Daily Roles and Responsibilities

•             Respond to any partner questions and/or requests to ensure that they are answered accurately and efficiently.
•             Upload and review newly received documents from Partner Portals into Salesforce and update portal/opportunity accordingly.
•             Proactively identify any gaps or concerns with the information provided by the partner, on behalf of the customer, that may cause their funds to be delayed or declined. Communicate and collaborate with the partner to find the most efficient way to resolve these gaps with the customer.
•             Communicate with partners, over various platforms, to follow up on offers sent, contracts recently sent out, and deals in progress to ensure high return rates and conversion.
•             Provide expedient responses to any partner request or questions coming in across platforms to ensure satisfaction from both the partner and customer experience.
•             Build value and collaborate with partners to assist in finding the best deal structure to best meet customer needs.
•             Work across numerous departments as a liaison between the partner/customer and our internal teams to coordinate the best possible experience for the customer.
•             Maintain up to date information regarding compliance, underwriting rules, as well as company and departmental changes, to ensure that we are servicing partners and clients based on current business strategies and the most up to date terms of the product.
Job Description:
Qualifications of a Partner Sales Representative:

•           Strong organizational skills and the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail and quality.  Each representative will manage multiple contacts and their own book of business representing potentially millions of dollars of business funding.
•           Must be able to work autonomously and make important decisions with light supervision while maintaining high levels of efficiency and effectiveness
•           Must be proactive and able to think outside the box to find the right solution in tricky situations
•           Must be flexible and willing to adapt quickly to the changes that come with a growing channel
•           Very strong written communication skills
•           Demonstrated ability to achieve high performance goals and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.
•           Highly competitive with a desire to be number one
            Must have a strong understanding of our business loan product, underwriting, and general compliance guidelines in order to act as a subject matter expert while assisting partners as they send deals through our pipeline
•           Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships and trust quickly with internal and external partners

Typical Task Breakdown/Rhythm: handling all the request that comes in the team’s queue and going through all of them to fix each item, such as working on capital history, analyzing history transactions, identifying any red flags in data, verify midmarket status/high value status, navigating through Salesforce, Tableau, and Admin.

Documenting and write up summary process, preparing an exception document that goes against our credit policy, providing a summary of the exception that explains the relationship and situation to banks, will be working with the sales person on this.
Assist with Underwriter in processing any request that comes in, e.g verifying Client username and personal information.
Utilize 3-4 different systems to do research and find solutions.
System that his role will be using are Salesforce lightning, Admin, Osprey, MM Dashboard, Tableau PPWC, MicroStrategy.

Years of Experience:  1 - 3 years’ experience required in related industry.

Experience in the banking world, data entry, customer service, credit report.
Prior knowledge of Salesforce lightning, Admin, Osprey, MM Dashboard, Tableau PPWC, MicroStrategy, will be a plus.
Strong organizational skills, and multi task efficiently with attention to details.
Can work with least amount of supervision as possible, able to make independent decisions on their own.
Take a proactive approach to this role, finding gaps and problems to fix.
Be competitive, adapt to a competitive environment, and work at their best to win their personal accountability.
Take responsibility and self-starter.
Strong interpersonal skills. Strong written and verbal communication.
Strong ethics.
Degrees or Certifications: Bachelor’s degree is preferred.
Performance Indicators: Meeting deadlines, excellent customer service, providing results.